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  1. Time Hole

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    I don't know if this has been mationed before, but since Neill has "supposedly" agreed a deal with West Ham, but we've not had a bid from them. Isn't that classed as tapping up??
  2. Time Hole

    New Songs

    R-O-V E-R-S Rovers are the team for us With a nick-nack paddy whack Give a dog a bone Why don't Burnley f**k off --------------------------------------- number 1 is Steven Reid number 2 is Steven Reid number 3 is Steven Reid number 4 is Steven Reid number 5 is Steven Reid number 6 is Steven Reid number 7 is Steven Reid number 8 is Steven Reid number 9 is Steven Reid number 10 is Steven Reid number 11 is Steven Reid And all the subs are Steven Reid We all dream of a team Steven Reids, a team of Steven Reids, a team of Steven Reids
  3. Time Hole

    Your 3 Fave Songs

    1. Chim cher roo 2. If Heskey playus for England, so do I 3. What to win f**k all (sung to Newcastle fans)
  4. Time Hole

    [Archived] Squad Numbers 06-07

    Gresko and Amoruso's contract runs to the end of June so Lee will erase them then.
  5. Time Hole

    Japan 1 Australia 3

    I want Neill to have a good world cup, so he'll be out of here in the summer.
  6. Time Hole

    [Archived] More Foot To Mouth

    I have never liked Neill. I think he doesn't know what he's saying for most of the time and it's obvious that he wants to leave us for a club like Spurs where, he'll be a midtable club not really going anywhere.
  7. What a day that was. We absolute demolished them and to see the look on there faces as they came out of the ground. It was just brilliant.

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