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  1. Absolutely amazing - well actually it isn't - that Rovers fans when faced with two totally contradictory interviews in the space of a week decide that the negative one must be the real one. Why don't we just club together and buy him a ticket to go to whichever club is going to sign-him. As I've said time and time again, don't forget Tugay's not even played for Rovers for the last 5 years. He's been at Newcastle ever since he gave that infamous interview were he had the audacity to say the barcodes were a great club and he wouldn't have a problem palying for them. The press will spin whatever they want. Players say things in all innocence. Rovers fans believe the worst.
  2. How old was Larsson (36ish) and he'd never scored in the Premiership but was signed for MU. Still, don't think Benny will be anywhere other than Ewood next year.
  3. I don't like Phil Thompson but I think he summed it up on Gilette Soccer Saturday. He said "Neill claimed it wasn't about money it was about playing regularly. If that's the case, why didn't he stay at Blackburn?" Yes, Neill said he wanted a new challenge, but then says all he wants is to play regular football. He signs a deal that gets him out of a club if it's relegated. So what he really meant was he wanted twice as much money as he was on, he didn't care who paid it, doesn't fancy the challenge of earning a place in a start up line (even for the team he 'supported') and is happy to bugger off from his new paymasters if things get really tough. Still, don't really care. He's a Hammer now and hopefully will be a free agent at the end of the season as they get relegated. Will be funny if he tries to go to Liverpool ona free...
  4. At least Paul has a hero. Welcome back Dunny, you've been missed.
  5. Do we know he's not got a clause? Anyhow, just as Birmingham don't need to accept an offer, Dunn doesn't have to move to Bolton if he doesn't want to. He knows Rovers are after him, and he can quite simply say to Brum that he's not going anywhere other than Rovers and if they don't accept Rovers offer, he'll stay at St Andrews taking a wage and move on a free whenever his contract is up. Do Birmingham cut their losses and sell to Rovers at a lower price than they were hoping, or do they hope Dunn will decide he quite likes the Reebok afterall?
  6. At last! We have a solution to the mystery that's plagued us for the last few years! Lucas Neill is Vinjay!
  7. And isn't that exacly what we did with the Axe? Dunn might not feature in every match, but to be honest, for one reason or another of all the midfielders we have (when fit) I think the same goes for Toogs, Axe, Reid, or Bentley. Only two who are seemingly untouchable are MGP and Savage.
  8. And where, oh fountain of insider knowledge, did you get this "fact" from? I wager it's the same location you got the 'Ole Gunnar Solskjaer coming to Rovers it's definitely happening this week' or the rest of the nonsense you periodically post.
  9. If I use public transport from where Ilive it's 2 buses and a train each way and costs around £15. (That's Huddersfield). For Martin it's three trains from Scunthorpe and over £30. We're season ticket holders. Would we get the travel free in which case my s/t is halved in price; and Martin would be paid to attend! Alternatively do you discriminate against those who travel?
  10. Me neither, unless Waikiki United somehow slip into the draw.
  11. Well no, actually. By the time the first football winner was named - Bobby Moore in 1966 - there'd already been 4 atheltics winners, 2 swimmers and a show jumper! Other football winners: Gazza in 1990, Michael Owen in 1998, and then finally Beckham in 2001. Two out of 36 pre-Sky, and two out of 16 post-Sky. Cricket winners: 1956 (Jim Laker), 1975 (David Steele), 1981 (Ian Botham) and 2005 (Freddie Flintoff). Not exactly dominating the event even when the BBC had the rights.
  12. Interesting breakdown of sports of winners: Athletics 17 Motor Racing 6 Cricket 4 Football 4 Boxing 4 Tennis 3 Ice skating 3 Equestrianism 3 Golf 2 Swimming 1 Cycling 1 Snooker 1 Rowing 1 Rugby Union 1
  13. It's terrible for anyone who lives outside of the immediate area. For example, I live approx 50 miles away and here is a typical 1715 ko: Can't do anything in the morning in case it overruns and creates problems travelling to Chorley/Ewood. Afternoon wasted as travel time +/or waiting to go to the match. Evenings a wash out due to not getting home until well past 2100, and still have to eat.
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