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  1. 15 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

    It was a train wreck because the right wing MP's made it so. Not the grass roots party in the country, but 150 or so Labour MP's. It was their toy and somebody had the cheek to take their toy away. They would rather see a Tory government than a Corbyn government, that tells me all I need to know. Well they've got what they wished for now, unfortunately their stupidity has cost them their jobs. They pretend to be Socialists but that's all it is, a pretense. That's why I'm left cold by Starmers election, I couldn't really care less.  He's a decent man but so was Corbyn.

    Corbyn led the party. He was responsible for Labour’s performance. Look at the election results, what more evidence do you need to show that the experiment failed? Corbyn’s politics galvanised the hard left but no one else. If you don’t win a general election, what is the point? Blair did more for socialism by winning in 97 than Corbyn ever achieved. Let’s get back into government.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

    It'll be interesting to see if the right wing Labour MP's stop sulking now or will they carry on throwing their toys out of the pram ? Will they wreck Starmers chances like they wrecked Corbyns ?

    Corbin was a train wreck from the start. It’s embarrassing to see some of the reaction on twitter from those who still refuse to lay any blame for Labour’s repeated failures at Corbyn’s door. As a Labour voter I have never felt so conflicted when walking into a voting booth. Thank god we can move on. 

  3. q6. Are you sure we’ve been beaten by the same side twice in the charity shield? 94 and 95 were against different teams. So was 1912.

    q18. Do you mean FA Cup semi finals? We reached the league cup semis with Hughes as well. We reached the semis again under Allardyce.

  4. 2 minutes ago, den said:

    Well just finished watching it and really enjoyed it. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything again based around the emergence of the professional game, certainly not focussing on Darwen and Blackburn. 
    Even though some of the facts might not have been too precise, the overall story was and this was the only time I’ve ever come close to really understanding what those times might have actually been like. 
    some of the posts on this thread have also brought some reality to those days, so thanks to those that helped there. It’s the nearest I’ve been to feeling any kind of reality to our history, even though it was just a TV production.

    I would recommend anyone who’s interested in the evolution from the amateur game to the professional game, or is simply interested in the early days of football to watch it. 

    why did they never call us Blackburn “ROVERS”? That baffles me.

    Because it’s an amalgamation of Rovers and Olympic. Olympic were in the final against Old Etonians but Suter played for Rovers.

  5. 1 minute ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Just been to Asda for the weekly shop and it was a very unpleasant experience.

    The measures introduced of limited numbersi n the store and having to stand 2m apart led to huge queues right round the car park and turned what could have been a quick in and out into a few hours of a job. Asda had better hope the policy of standing 2m apart is not proven to be ineffective as the measures are ensuring that the maximum number of people are congregating together for the longest possible period of time.

    Once inside it seems the wheel has turned full circle as the nasty unpleasant and inconsiderate behaviour seemed to be reserved to those who were being over anal about the regulations and complaining about people who had come within slightly less than 2m of them either unwittingly or because it wasn't physically possible to maintain that separation on occasion. Security and staff were barking at people who were generally trying to do their best but occasionally hadn't noticed  which markings tthey were meant to be stood behind as well.

    What a nightmare this Country has become in less than seven days. The media and Government have completely brainwashed the population into a state of complete paranoia and madness.

    Out of curiosity, what is the basis of your scepticism other than being contrarian? Virtually every country in the world is taking similar steps to this government. Is the scientific community wrong?

  6. 1 hour ago, Mattyblue said:

    Thing is both Rovers and Olympic have always played in blue (I know Rovers wore white for a couple of years right at the beginning), so should have been simple enough, why claret?

    To clearly distinguish Blackburn and the Old Etonians who also wear blue...?

  7. 8 hours ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

    Q. Does anyone know someone who was tested and confirmed positive ?

    Q. Does anyone know someone who died ?

    Didn't think so.


    That’s the best you’ve got? The ‘If I don’t see the fire then why should I leave the building?’ mentality? 
    Waiting to react until someone you know falls ill is reckless. Park the scepticism and follow the rules.

  8. 3 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Have to agree with chaddy for once, to say there has been an over reaction to the corona virus issue is the understatement of all understatements.

    For the vast majority of people the symptoms are relatively mild. How many people die of flu each year? Way more than Corona virus. Yet no -one seems to care or go running around putting people under house arrest or telling them  what they can or can't do because of that.

    Are we now such snowflakes that we will have to go through this nonsense every year each time a new virus is discovered?

    The encouragement all this must give to people whose motives are not pure is incalculable as well. If a relatively mild virus can bring the world to a halt and cripple the economy think of how much chaos they could cause if they were able to manufacture a more virulent type of virus. And we'd better not hope we need to fight any wars in the meantime. "Little Johnny can't come out to fight today, he might develop a sniffle."

    Still, nothing we can do about it.If I thought we had any actual chance of making the play offs I'd be even more annoyed about the prospect of the game being played behind closed doors or cancelled.

    Flu is a known commodity. This virus is not. The death rate is higher than flu and poses a more profound risk. Simple.

  9. 8 hours ago, roversfan99 said:

    I found the reaction to the Brentford result a little surprising to be honest, it was a chance to finally albeit temporarily break into that top 6, v a rival (who I felt many conceded a little too much respect too considering that we are going for the same goal) and were 2 nil up. Especially considering that the points we let slip were the 22nd and 23rd of the season. Was a major disapointment no matter how you paint it. We need to be as ruthless as possible from now on and not adopt a mentality of "a point here will be fine" it needs to be any points dropped are a potential opportunity for rivals to spring ahead. If you are genuine top 6 contenders which we are you dont fear anyone. Hoping for a win tomorrow at home to a bottom 6 side to get us back to winning ways and in to 7th.

    In regular circumstances, losing a 2-0 lead would be gutting. But Brentford were better than us for the vast majority of that game and we did well not to lose, despite the sequence of scores. It was a point gained.

    Tonight is a different matter. One of the biggest games in the last 18 months. It’s not over if we lose, but this is a massive opportunity. We have to capitalise on the results last night.

  10. 21 minutes ago, JHRover said:

    Not sure how or why you would reduce the capacity. Whilst Ewood is too big for us at this level the club should have plans for the Premier League and growing attendances when there. Nobody actively reduces capacity.

    Millwall have just released plans to build a new 30,000 ground. They've never been in the Premier League and don't get close to filling their existing 20,000 ground but have plans to grow and progress.

    Brentford don't usually sell out Griffin Park at 12,000 capacity so in some ways a 50% increase is a lot to cover.

    To reduce Ewood's capacity a new Riverside would need less than the current 4,500. That would look ridiculous and would be completely out of keeping with the rest of the stadium.

    For me there is more to it than just bums on seats though. We need a 21st century stadium fit for the top flight and plans to have that ready for then. 

    In an era of FFP and the implications of trying to comply with that we need more strings to our bow. We aren't going to get 25000 per week turning up and there's nothing wrong with that. But like Brentford we need to generate off the pitch and non matchday income. Hotel, gym, events, flats, offices need incorporating. Nobody can say that there isn't the demand because all those things are being built nearby. 

    I don't think the owners have ever seen facilities and infrastructure as areas requiring anything beyond bare minimum expense and by god it shows around Ewood these days.

    We’ve never consistently filled Ewood. We can probably count the sell-outs on one hand and even then, they include sizeable away support. I don’t think it’s contentious to suggest that reducing capacity would be advantageous. 

    Brentford and Millwall are London based clubs with huge potential catchment areas. They can justify expanding their grounds based on that. 

    The club needs to do more to increase non match day revenue. A hotel would be great and it sounds like the club are considering that in the long term. 

  11. 12 minutes ago, matt83 said:

    Good different ideas but I just don’t think they give that much of a toss to be honest. Blackburn Rovers fc to them is like an unused gym membership to the average man. Not enough money to bother cancelling but not enough interest to get anything out of it.



    Sorry but I think that’s quite a lazy comment. They are investing in the club. Look at the transfer fees over the last 2 years. They’re losing money every week yet still invest to keep the lights on. Look at Bolton to see what happens when owners are genuinely unbothered.

    I’m not in any way trying to suggest that they’ve made up for the damage done,  and I’m sure I’ll be jumped on for making any argument in favour of Venky’s but in the last 2/3 years, I don’t think you can question their commitment on the financial side of things.

  12. 15 minutes ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

    Camera angles yesterday were like one of those FA cup ties at a none league ground.

    Was just reading a bit about and watching a couple of videos of their new stadium, as I was wondering if this was going to be a Bolton special.

    In fact the new stadium is less than a mile away. It will home Brentford and London Irish. Is slap bang in the middle of the community with great transport links directly next to the ground and I think they also built 910 homes (I guess upwards). Capacity is 17,250 (from 12,300 at Griffin Park) which sounds modest but its a size that fits the sustainability of the club.

    I am impressed.


    "Creation of a new stadium campus

    At the heart of this initiative is a mix of sports & leisure, education and residential facilities as part of the larger urban quarter contributing to the existing neighbourhood."


    Got me thinking again about our beloved Rovers, our 31,000 2/3 empty falling into disrepair stadium, our humble owners wanting to invest but restricted by FFP (?), Mr Waggotts community vision (which I think most agree with the concept of), our historic industrial town and the future sustainability of our club.


    Firstly the ground is too big and the Riverside needs to be rebuilt.

    There is largely a blank canvas  around the ground.

    We are very proud of Ewood Park, the history of the old ground, Jack's legacy and would not want it to be rebuilt elsewhere.

    Why don't we knock the Riverside down at the end of the season and crack on with building a new one including the hotel. Stop talking about it and Venky's just say..."get it done".

    The new stand should include proper 21st century disabled area & facilities, safe standing, premium seating accessed from the hotel, have solar panels (carbon neutral). This can also surely be added to the other stands.The ground capacity could go down to 28,000 as a result but think what a great facility we would have.

    The train track can be extended down towards the hotel for a new Ewood Park station.

    The bus lane  can also be extended to the station to create a transport hub. Here trains and buses and coaches from local communities have purpose built fast access DIRECTLY to the stadium. Solar panels / sustainability. Welcoming arrival close to the hotel Hotel with matchday popup food, bars including real ales & entertainment, 

    Why don't our humble owners just say...this is our vision. Here's the money now get it done? We once had an owner with a vision.

    This investment will encourage the council and local businesses to invest in the area. They had planning permission for 3G pitches which may then be realised.

    What or whom is stopping this from happening ?


    Meanwhile the camera angles should be only marginally better, from under the Riverside roof on the Wednesday red button.

    I hate Venkys but they really can bring us all back together with a visionary community infrastructure project which a PROPER HUMBLE OWNER once proved could be done. 

    A great idea but think about the practicalities. A railway line direct to Ewood?? A transport hub? You’re talking decades to get any of that completed.

    The riverside is different but it’s hard to justify the investment when half the stadium is empty every week. I’m sure it will get done eventually as it is looking it’s age. I think reducing the capacity is a pragmatic decision. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Ewood Ace said:

    Another case of  what could have been at Griffin Park. For a an hour I thought that we were comfortable, the first goal as well taken as it was, was poor defending from Tosin and Lenihan to be so far off him. 

    As for the two penalties. Our's is a penalty, Raya's decision making as bad as it has always been. As for theirs it is a blatant dive but as soon as he chucked himself to the floor I just knew the ref was going to give it. Although very poor defending by Bell to allow him to get into the area.

    Travis and Johnson were the stand out performers today for me. Johnson is a strange player some games he looks so far of the pace you think he should be long retired and then other games he is dominant there doesn't seem to be any in between with him.

    The mental strength of this squad is still a worry. With the play offs in sight we again passed up the opportunity and of course yet more points dropped from a winning position.

    Completely disagree. Brentford controlled most of the game and we scored against the run of play. It’s a good point in the circumstances. For an hour we were comfortable?! Which hour was that? On the coach? 

  14. 4 minutes ago, MarkBRFC said:

    Or a deflating one after throwing away a 2 goal lead.

    I thought we did ok for the most part, and a point is a good result on paper.

    Thing is though I just can't be "happy with a point" after being 2-0 up, and the day I am is probably when I'll decide to pack it all in to be honest.

    It's 2 points dropped, especially with Preston winning.

    This time next week we'll have a good idea whether we're in the running or not I think.

    It’s not 2 points dropped based on how the game panned out. Brentford threatened to cut loose throughout the game. We were in the same position last season and conceded 5, that says a lot about where we’ve come in 12 months. Walton, especially, has stepped up.

  15. A very good away point. Losing a 2-0 lead would be galling in other circumstances but Brentford were always in it and when it got to 2-2 it looked like only going one way. We scored out of nothing in the first half and Brentford tore us to shreds at times. Got to be happy with a point out of that. Very few teams will go there and win. 
    Our season will not be defined by today. The next week will tell us a lot.

  16. 16 minutes ago, Inglorious basturk said:

    Not really , if he can engineer a difficult win then perhaps he’s worth sticking with , if we get more of the same that we have in the past in these tricky fixtures then he isn’t ever going to change . You can only persevere so long  

    You can’t base it on today. If we lose. It’s the reaction next week that matters. 

  17. 9 hours ago, Inglorious basturk said:

    This game is pivotal for me , 

    a - we bury Brentford I feel we have turned a corner, I’ll resign all previous reservations and be totally positive 

    b-  we get nothing from the game , rinse and repeat , new manager needed

    That’s ridiculous. One of the toughest away fixtures in the league and you’re prepared to call for the manager’s sacking if we lose. We’re top of the form table over the last 17 games but that will all go out of the window I assume. You don’t do yourself any favours.

    Losing today is not a disaster. Losing there last year wasn’t a disaster, it was the month of results that followed which sealed our fate. Today is a big test but if we lose it’ll all come down to the reaction next week.

  18. 44 minutes ago, Stuart said:

    We all know what puts bums on seats. Charlton proved it last week.

    This isn’t about increasing attendance, let alone growing the fanbase, it’s about trying to maximise revenue from existing fans.


    Surely it’s both? Do you propose slashing prices to £5 a game on a regular basis? At some stage, the club has to consider making a profit. Would you prefer dirt cheap season/match day tickets and an additional 3/4K fans per week but the club slides into even greater debt? 

    It’s a very difficult balance to strike. The truth of it is that, in football terms, our tickets are cheap in comparison to other clubs. We struggle because Blackburn is not an affluent area and there are a number of league clubs within a 20 mile radius. I don’t know what the solution is but I’m not pretending that the simple answer is to keep making the tickets cheaper. 

  19. 8 hours ago, Sparks Rover said:

    If we set up full strength at the back then I think we win.  If any of Del or Ell start in the back 4 we lose.

    Neither of which have started in the back 4 in nearly a month and we’ve just kept back to back clean sheets....? 
    The benching of Bennett does seem to have flown under the radar for some. He wasn’t involved at all against Charlton. Seems firmly out of the picture for now.

  20. 1 minute ago, Mattyblue said:

    All part of a stripped back operation, I’m afraid.

    A decade ago we had a radio station and an in house TV station. So pre-game there was a variety to what you saw/heard (though Radio Rovers did decline in quality over the years).

    Now you have Neil Yardley on the pitch reading the teams out, then he’s charging up to the gantry for the first half ifollow commentary, then he’s on the pitch at half time doing the half time raffles, then he’s back to the gantry for the second half.

    Add it to a shut town centre club shop, a shut Blues Bar, a filthy ground, and all the rest of it. It’s a skeleton operation, but remember they never ‘refuse to sign a cheque’.

    We’re a championship team, how on earth can we justify an in-house TV station? Do you want our debt to increase even higher? Would you seriously have kept those things running if you were in charge? Be reasonable.

  21. 8 hours ago, 47er said:

    As I've posted before, I think the injuries have prevented the weekly tinkering. There just aren't the options available to play around with.

    Everyone picked today was in their best position.

    At least 4 of our injuries are to our very best players which shows that a team which gels can beat any 11 individuals.

    TM should learn from this--no more Gallagher on the wing please. The injuries have, counter-intuitively, saved his season!

    Would you have selected Buckley and Samuel over Graham? I see Bennett is barely featuring any more, despite the injuries which I think many people doubted would happen.

    Out injuries are largely concentrated in one area of the pitch which is a plus.

  22. 8 hours ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

    Let’s not get too carried away mate, we failed against Fulham , got past a very weak hull team but today was a good result. I found his interview very unambitious however, almost as if he doesn’t want promotion hmm

    It’s a post match interview, why on earth are you taking comments so literally? All managers down play wins to avoid bringing pressure on themselves. 

    Just give credit where it’s due. He’s done well over the last 4/5 weeks. Failure against Fulham isn’t something to beat him with.

  23. 3 minutes ago, tomphil said:

    Another thing other clubs do in this div just to reward the regular support now and again. Yet of course when a few Rovers fans suggest it up go the cries outrage and mock offence.

    Bad fans, bad fans...

    Bad fans?

    Mock offence to the mock offence I’d suggest.

  24. 10 hours ago, rigger said:

    More people going that might return

    Might return to Charlton??

    We lose enough money as it is. Laying on subsidised travel to an away match which has already got significantly discounted tickets doesn’t sound sensible. 

    £5 tickets is a great initiative to be fair. Rovers could certainly consider that for the future instead of £10 tickets. 


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