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  1. Worse than Tony Watt, Chris Brown, Simeon Jackson and Nathan Delfouneso..?
  2. Those teams below us are all limited by stadium capacity, we are certainly not..
  3. Have I used it as a stick to beat us with? I was contesting the point that our attendances are mid-table. They are objectively very low in comparison to the rest of the league, if not the lowest. The reasons behind the attendances are a different issue.
  4. Mid-table attendance? How many other clubs in the league have sub 10k crowds with 20k empty seats each week..?
  5. Does it cost more money to show full replays? They show highlights with Rovers commentary on Twitter.
  6. It’s so sad. It has been on the cards for a while. The combination of covid, apathy after last season, an underwhelming transfer window and a pricing structure that is out of touch with the local financial climate has all led to this. Not sure what it’ll take to bring attendances back to pre-covid levels but there needs to be a radical re-think. Ticket pricing in particular has to be looked at after last night.
  7. Forgettable game but decent result. Khadra looked very bright. Can’t complain with the start to the season. Need to keep this back 4 fit. Brereton had a shocking game but got the goal, almost Armstrong-esque. Attendance was concerning, we must have the emptiest stadium in the football league. Very sad. There needs to be a radical re-think.
  8. Not a single substitution. The man doesn’t learn. Infuriating.
  9. We got spoiled during last year’s transfer window. This is the counter balance. We’ve not had to find an out and out striker for years and, on a tight budget, we’re scrapping with every club out there. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a plan, it’s just the same plan as everyone else. The money was spent on Gallagher and Brereton. None of the credible names we’ve been linked with are much better. Armstrong stepped up, now it’s their turn.
  10. And our owners don’t make decisions. Got nothing to do with us.
  11. I can understand fans frustrations about the current situation but I agree that Mowbray and Waggott are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re the wrong people for the job and should have been moved on months ago but it’s the decision making (or lack of) above them that is the fundamental issue. As mentioned, the club are in an awful financial predicament and there is no good solution. The same fans who are quick to point out the mess we’re in also seem to be complaining at the lack of transfer funds or demanding that we throw more money at the players out of contract. We’ve got to draw a line somewhere and cut our cloth accordingly, even if it means Joe Rothwell leaves on a free next season.
  12. Remain unconvinced by both Dolan and Chapman at this level. Hopefully this guy will give us an x-factor. A relatively low priority position so he needs to be the first signing of many.
  13. So you’d prefer Mowbray to explain our transfer strategy in every interview? Of course he’s not going to state exactly where the deals are at. Also, the clubs can agree a fee but if the player doesn’t want to discuss terms with us, what are we meant to do. Be reasonable.
  14. Knee-jerk and unnecessary. This was always the likely outcome. Mowbray didn’t get the chance to speak to him so how is this his fault?
  15. I’m not sure what the club can do. The players are refusing to sign new contracts (for a while now it would appear) and we’re not willing to break our wage structure. We’re haemorrhaging money so it’s understandable that a structure is in place. If the players are demanding huge salaries then the club are in an impossible position.
  16. Saying we weren’t close to promotion is looking back after the event. Up until the collapse of form in February, promotion wasn’t off the cards. Either way, I don’t think Chapman would have made much difference and he certainly benefited from the loan spell.
  17. But that’s in hindsight. You’re not picking Chapman ahead of Elliott. He would have got minimal game time here. The loan went well and hopefully he can now contribute. He’s had chances before and not taken them so I don’t think we missed out last year at all.
  18. Farmed out unfairly? Done nothing to suggest that he’d make an impact in the championship before his loan last season. Unconvinced that he’ll do much this season either although last night was more promising.
  19. Great result. Travis, Carter and Ayala were very impressive. Buckley was everywhere and tidy in possession. Unconvinced by Dolan but he serves a purpose. As some have said, limited options seems to be working for us. We don’t have enough quality in the final third yet but there’s a grit about this team that we haven’t seen in a while. Important to get some set piece goals as well. Cant fault this start, best in years. No expectations for WBA but this has been surprisingly positive. Let’s see how long it can last.
  20. But that’s reliant on there being very few injuries and other than maybe 3/4, how many of our u23s are ready for first team football? If we got relegated by playing the kids every week I can guarantee that fans would be demanding why we hadn’t brought in more quality, even if it’s via loans.
  21. Don’t mind this. Buckley still goes missing too often and Rothwell rarely puts a run of decent games together. More competition can’t be a bad thing.
  22. Really disappointed about the lack of match replays or extended highlights. They clearly edit the footage as they release clips on the club’s Twitter account. I only tend to watch interviews with new signings (ha!) so genuinely starting to question what I’m getting out of this. Definite downgrade so far on iFollow. If there’s a legit reason for not being able to share the highlights, fine, tell us. Also, why do they have a dedicated section on the website for ‘match highlights’ if all they’re going to stock is pre-season friendly footage???
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