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  1. Mm that annoyed me too. Although the guy who posted it is a boxer and a military trainer so I decided against arguing. It's not like soldiers know the risks when they sign up to the job or anything! Still brings a tear to the eye thinking about Speed. Can't quite take it in.
  2. Nope I heard he is injured though. Maybe the he said he had a sicknote and chinese whispers changed it to homesick
  3. Rochina's class shone through. His ball control was superb, shame Emerton wasn't capable of making the runs off him that could have opened them up. Him in the middle spreading the ball to Hoilett and Olsson could be an amazing setup.
  4. Groobs confirmed via facebook as well RIP
  5. Muse are the best band I have had the pleasure of seeing live. I have also seen The Verve and Oasis. Neither come close to the spectical that is Muse and just hit after hit.
  6. BBC Salaries in 2007 Since then he has taken a 20% pay cut along with a few other high profile BBC members of staff. From what I understand cutting BBC 6 music will save in the region of £6m-£7m(i presume annually). So not sure where you get the comparision from but it seems a bit off. Jonathon Ross earned £18m, although he is leaving so there will be a big saving there. Graham Norton gets a big salary, maybe BBC should chop him. BBC 6 music gets 695,000 listeners a week Radio 1, over 10 million. Chris Moyles alone gets 7,7m. Radio 2, 13m Radio 3, 1,874,000 Radio 4, 9m Radio 5, 6m 1xtra, 531,000 Figures from: Mediauk.com At the end of the day if it isn't getting a large enough audience then it isn't what the majority are after and if cuts need to be made then somethings have to suffer. Is 1xtra for the chop as well? It's still at the consultation stage so if you make your views known to the BBC board they will take them into consideration.
  7. Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio! No point hanging on to a player who doesn't want to paly for us anymore. Good cash considering his age as well.
  8. We sell him to West Ham and we all know what is going to happen in just over a weeks time when we play them! Selling to a relegation rival isn't a smart thing to do, but i suppose if it is where the money is then we have to. Benni has a few years yet and I bet he starts every game he isn't injured. Wait for the goals to flow in.
  9. Our best finisher! His first season proved he is suited to the premiership, since then he has been in and out the team but always manages to get goals. He is lazy but that is a trait that is easily overlooked when you consider his goal return. I'd much rather have 2 tap in goals, than have roberts bang 2 straight at the keeper but work really hard whilst doing it. Andy Cole was cut from the same cloth and he is one of the highest scorers of all time in the premiership.
  10. Big mistake to lose Benni and keep Roberts. Especially when we will be losing Di Santo as well. Benni scores goals, I know I've said it for a long time but if you play him he will score goals. He may not work hard for the team, or whatever Sam likes to call it, but at the end of the day strikers get paid a lot of money to score goals and he doesn't find it difficult.
  11. Got the big pink's album and I've only had it on twice but it isn't grabbing me yet. Love Dominos, cracking tune.
  12. Your not slap bang in the middle! I am! The guy next to me does my head in. All game he moans at MGP, so we try Treacy and he just moans at him. Now MGP plays well so he just moans about the lack of financial backing. On the other side they are a family and have good chats with the grandad. It depends on the match and how it is going as to how much people chant. It is a lot better than when I first started going mind you.
  13. Love White Lies. Heard alot about Twisted Wheel, mainly through the Enemy but not actually heard there stuff. Got tickets to see Green Day in October!
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