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  1. That stop by Pears in first half was nearest noblers got on a water pitch that one more heavy down pour would have ended the game. Surface water partly drained away in second half. We played solid at the back thanks to good understanding and team spirit. Great atmosphere in the ground & even coming away after the game with fans singing heading off over to Mill Hill.

    We could be on to something this season. 

  2. The team played really well and dealt with conditions better than a weak Stoke. Buckley was outstanding, Rothwell a master and his ball collection with short threating runs worried their players. Diaz is growing - no hang on - has grown in confidence and was unlucky not to score in first half. He also calmed congested play a couple of times with long cross field balls, the type of passes that if the team player isn't there then it goes horribly wrong but he knew exactly what he was doing. Got to mention Van Hecke too, played like he's never been away. 

  3. 53 minutes ago, 47er said:

    There were lessons to be learned from Saturday, but that was the biggest.

    Waggot, you got it very wrong, make the prices affordable and people will come—-even after a 7-0 home drubbing!.

    No home advantage without an atmosphere. Let’s get Ewood rocking again!

    Absolutely correct. Fill the seats with knock on positive effects for drinks and food sales plus will add to locals too.

  4. 1 minute ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:


    IF Mark Hughes would be willing to come here under this lot then it's a no brainer for me!!!! 

    Cant see any decent manager wanting to come under current ownership.  Yeah I'm down but right now I'd be happy with them all walking away. Dont see how the club can recover after an embarrassing performance including the players. 

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