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  1. It's a sad state of affairs when fans start thinking a defeat is the best thing that can happen to the club. Sad thing is I hate the thought of Rovers getting battered but if it removes Kean from his role then in the long run we may stand a chance.
  2. This has been well and truly timed with a "good news week" no one is taking any bit of notice due to Tevez
  3. Kean is the problem but the longer this problem continues the less patient I am with Venky's. I can't for the life of me see why they would sack the assistant manager and leave the most useless inexperienced manager we have ever had. Statistically he has been a shambles blaming the Assistant is a disgrace, its what all poor managers do when things go wrong in any walk of life. Kean should have gone with him this just smacks of creating a new Scapegoat for the league position without Venky's having to admit they made a MASSIVE MISTAKE, IN PROMOTING KEAN, THAT IF ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WILL CAUSE IRREPAIRABLE DAMAGE TO THE CLUB. If that happens I will never eve5r forgive them.
  4. All I can think about is how Jensen came out and reportedly apologised for Keans behaviour on Saturday as discussed on another thread and this could perhaps be seen as an act of insubordination on his part by undermining Kean. - pure speculation btw The whole situation reminds me of the incompetent captain Zapp Brannagan in Futurama who will imediately sell out his assistant Kiff the second anything goes wrong.
  5. I did look, I nearly posted it in the music discussion thread by accident. That's the last topic on this board. The search button just said I didn't have permission to use it for some reason.
  6. I looked and couldnt find a thread. I went to watch The Inbetweeners earlier (In a vain attempt to remain young on my 30th Birthday) and it was really funny but theres a bit which most Rovers fans will like as it shows their displeasure of Burnley and another scene where if you look hard enough you can spot a Rovers badge
  7. Id also imagine that because the season is over he may want to visit family and friends or go on holiday which Im sure every other player will do also, just because he has gone home at this time of year means absoloutly nothing, Im sure Salgado may do the same at some point as will N'Zonzi, Emerton, Pederson etc may also do.
  8. I find that odd too, I always thought the Copa America was never broadcasted that well here. The African competition is crap in comparison to the Asian and South American ones.
  9. This was one of the most moving silences I have ever been a part of at a football match, the pictures on the screen of him brought it home that it could have been any one of us. I think the Hull fans saw that and as football fans they observed the silence impeccably, they deserve to be thanked for the part they played.
  10. RIP John Taylor - My thoughts are with your family and friends
  11. RIP Sir Bobby Like most my age (27) Italia 90 was my first World Cup were I started to take an interest in the game of football. I had started to show an interest in football but this was what got me hooked on the beautiful game and it was Sir Bobby's team that was the main reason. Since that time football has become a huge part of my life and has given me so much, maybe without that England team led by Sir Bobby this would never have happened. Over the years in his interviews he made me smile and I was so sad to see him looking so poorly when he was pictured on Sky at St James when Liverpool thrashed them. He always came accross as honest and genuine which is missing in not only the game but the world these days. I am truely gutted by today
  12. I honestly do not know how I would feel about this man playing for Rovers. The ideal situation is that this man never gets to play at the top level again which would obviously mean all clubs taking a stand against it. I cant see that happening so then you ask who would sign him and you think about clubs again very much similar to Rovers. Dont get me wrong I am against Rovers having this man play for us but he is only going to play for a club similar to us which means we as we need him should perhaps go for him. There are no morals in football anymore.
  13. Although I understand your point but from reading that I gather the rugby lad was a amatuer player. Now I wonder what would have happened if he was Johnny Wilkinson or that guy Charlotte Church is with did said deed I really doubt it would have ended up in court. In football there was that lad from Barrow that got sent down last year for breaking a Bristol City players jaw yet nothing has been done about Bartons assault on Dabo.
  14. All I know is MH is special, he got Benni a argubly better all round player as a strike partner who is younger. Anyways I really believe at the moment we will go places this year and I hope that Benni plays a huge part in that
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