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  1. A footballing legend and total gentleman. A great loss to the game. RIP Sir Bobby
  2. fiesta from iniesta makes it messi for united
  3. Just seen this, the drummer has decided to retire as he's now got arthritis. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport...overs_drummer_/
  4. The interviewer was speaking decent English, so why on earth would McClown speak like he does in that. He's obviously aclimatised well!!!!
  5. So hopefully we'll see Morten MkI again!
  6. Seen a few films recently: The Dark Knight - loved it, good performances all round, although Bale's Batman could do with a lozenge. Wall-E - one of Pixar's best IMO Get Smart - Was expecting the inept superspy scenario but was pleasantly surprised with it, plus Anne Hathaway gorgeous as ever! Wanted - Pretty good, a bit far fetched at times and seemed to skip through the story in some bits, but considering it was based on a comic book not bad. Hellboy 2 - Not bad enjoyed it, definitely Guillermo Del Toro at his stylish best with some of the creature designs etc. The Love Guru - a big pile of steaming poo! If Myers is heading down in this direction with Austin Powers 4 then he should stick to voicing animation flicks. Looking forward to seeing Watchmen after seeing the trailer, hopefully it lives up to the book. Also looking forward to Star Wars: Clone Wars. I always thought that Harley Quinn was the Joker's sidekick. Obviously they can't do that now, hoping that Nolan & co go for the Batman hattrick of quality films!
  7. Nah, a bit of both would do. Look at how Newcastle and the Spuds ###### money up the wall, but they don't even get close to winning the league. A bit (or a lot these days) of money and quality management together will bring dividends, it worked in 95 , I don't see why it won't work again. Of course if say, any of the so-called 'big 4' were implode off the pitch, that would be very helpful too
  8. Plus a bit of SSN this morning about Friedel's Academy in the US, including a word from Fazackerly, now Academy coach, so it said. Now, if we can link Friedel's academy with Rovers . . . Link: http://www.skysports.com/video/0,20285,12602_3730362,00.html
  9. Saw 'Kung Fu Panda' last night. Pretty good. Very good CGI and voice acting from the likes of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane etc. A bit heavy handed on the slo-mo for comedic effect during the fights. But overall funny and worth watching.
  10. Ol' Frank probably had someone hostage to force them to lie like that
  11. After the initial hit of losing Hughes, it's that day-after-the-night-before type feeling. We mourn (and/or whinge ) then we move on.
  12. To me it looks like Hughes two management jobs are parallel. With Wales he did very well with the talent he had but by the end of his tenure he had apparently run out of steam and ideas and the team were playing a bit flat and one dimensional. At Rovers, again he's done well with what talent was at his disposal, bringing in some quality players as well. But as at Wales, he's seemed to run out of ideas towards the end and things weren't the same. At least he would leave Rovers in pretty good shape as opposed to when he came in, plus we should get some compo to boot. Hoping JW is methodical with his next choice of team management and doesn't rush and appoints just anyone. We can build on what we have and maybe gives us a chance to totally revamp things from the first team all the way through to the Academy, given getting the right manager with the right team with the right ideal. As cliched as it sounds, but it's going to be a new chapter in Rovers' history and one that was seemingly needed after this season spluttered to a finish.
  13. Shia LeBeouf's character would be the lead if it were to happen apparently, and no Indy himself, according to Lucas.
  14. Thanks to official text from Rovers, it's time to go on Suicide watch, as they've confirmed City's approach!
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