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  1. McCarthy is a good striker and goal scorer and has done extremely well in his first season in the premiership. However, when Bellamy was playing for us he was just that class above. He might not have scored as many goals, but he was simply brilliant at times, which I don't see so much from McCarthy. McCarthy can turn a defender better than most in the league, mind. Oh and also, I didn't actually think he took either penalty particularly well the other day. The keeper went the right way both times and the second probably should have been saved - it was nowhere near the corner.
  2. For me, time wasting and defensive tactics usually result pretty much immediately in conceding a goal. It really annoys me, because Everton, for example, will employ these kiind of tactics for a whole half at times. Likewise, Arsenal regularly fail to break down defensive minded teams. You just don't seem to be able to play well defensively.
  3. I wouldn't pay anything over 500k for Nonda. Even then, we could probably get a better striker. He may have scored 8 goals, but I swear half of them have been tap ins. He's not a bad player, but he doesn't look anything special these days and is approaching 30. Roberts has ben injured for a grerat deal of the season, but has still been largely disapointing. I wouldn't want to sell him though as he hasn't had a proper chance to assert himself since his injury. Personally, I was a bit gutted to see Pongolle leave as I thought he looked a really handy player. With Bellamy leaving, there was room for a striker like Pongolle and I'm surprised that we didn't keep him.
  4. I just cannot get We've got Everything out of my mind! Great song.
  5. Haha, well if it's anywhere near as good as Happy Gilmore, then I'll be happy!
  6. Rocky III is definately my favourite, but both II and III are absolutely immense films. Even I is exceptional. IV is also great, but nowhere near as great as the first three. The fifth is also great, but even less so than the fourth... I'm sure I could have said that in a less complicated way. Basically I like Rocky a lot.
  7. I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan and love all the films in the mould of Anchorman (best film ever made), Zoolander etc, but his latest film Taladega Nights is absolute crap. I was so disapointed with it. Complete waste of money. I also bought You, Me and Dupree. I'm hoping it is a much better watch.
  8. Ok, I have a bit of a problem. Taken over Hartlepool in League Two. Spent ages and ages and ages putting a team together then this happens. I have 4 players on season long loans and 2 players on three month loans. I'm allowed 4 long term loans and 4 short terms throughout the season, but whenever I try to get a player in on a three month loan, he is ineligable to play because I now apparently have 5 long term loans. What the hell is going on?! As far as I knew, 3 months counted as a short term loan and anything more constituted a long term loan... So what is going on?! To think, I might have to give up a game where my strikeforce is Matt Jansen and Chris Sutton with a central midfield of Steve Lomas and Don Hutchison. Then I somehow managed to get James Vaughan in on loan and a load of other good players.
  9. My friends and I have been watching the first five these last few weeks. We intend to follow the fifth with a victory run up out university hill and the steps that top it. Hoodies tucked into joggers and everything! What's that? No, I'm not sad
  10. I remember working that day and planning to go to the match afterwards. However, I ran out of time and had to watch it on Sky Sports. I was so disapointed that I couldn't be there and because it was such a good match, but at least I got to see it in some capacity. I remember my girlfriend at the time getting very upset for me ignoring her all night.
  11. People really are making too much of Rocky IV. All are amazing, but the first three are streets ahead.
  12. How anybody can say that Rocky IV is better than Rocky III, and Rocky II for that matter, is beyond me. The first Rocky is also probably a better made film, although the fourth does witness Rocky single handedly defeat communism and is pretty entertaining. All are amazing, but some are less amazing than others. In terms of my favourites to watch, the order goes: III, II, IV, I, V. Unbelieveably I haven't seen the sixth yet. I was going to go on my own to the cinema on its opening night, but thought it a little antisocial. So instead I'm watching the anthology first with my friends. Watched the first four so far this week, and with the fifth comes a run up the hill to uni and up to the top of the uni stairs.,, in true rocky fashion. (jogging bottoms with a hoody tucked in and the hood up.)
  13. After watching Warnock today, i think we have come out really well from this whole Neill business. Warnock looks twice the player Neill is. Can't say that I'm hapopy he is injured though. He was a loyal servant for five years.
  14. Liverpool only offered 30k a week? Do we have anything to suggest that? How much were we rumoured to have offered? I'm sure that Liverpool were meant to be offering more than that.
  15. I wasn't too bothered a few weeks ago about getting Dunn, but over the last few days I have really got excited about the prospect of seeing him in a Rovers shirt once more. I know a lot will depend on his fitness, but he could really be a great signing for us. People bemoan some of us putting too much emphasis on the fact that he is a local lad, but I don't think think they understand the impact on a supporter of watching players with an affinity to their club, in a game dominated by journeymen foreigners. I really hope I can make it to his debut.
  16. I remember after our defeat at The Valley thinking how none of the team seemed to give a ____ about the game, about the club, about the fans. Say what you will about Dunn but at least he will give us that extra energy and enthusiasm that has often been lacking this season.
  17. AMAZING NEWS!! I'd rather him concentrate all his efforts on making another Rocky, but this is great all the same.
  18. Indeed Bellamy, and I'd say they've made some very good signings this season, be it on loan, or on permanent deals.
  19. Say what you will about BIG CLUB, but they have done remarkably well to extract the amount of money they have from Heskey, Pennant and Dunn. Are there any others I have forgotten about? Annoyingly they seem to be developing a decent squad that I reckon will be able to keep them up next season.
  20. Rocky Balboa in just a few days. I'm so excited at the prospect that I watched the first three fof the anthology last night. The next two are scheduled for tonight! Best ever moment from a film, ever: Adrian has slipped into a coma after giving birth. She awakes and still bed ridden says... Adrian: Come here. Rocky: What? Adrian: Come here. I wanna tell you something. (Rocky leans toward her.) Adrian: There’s one thing I want you to do for me. Rocky: What’s that? Adrian: Win. Then the training montage comes in. Amazing sequence! (Rocky II)
  21. Yeah I much preferred Mark Lamar. Recently got an advance of the new Idlewild album Make Another World. It is really good - a huge improvement on Warnings / Promises.
  22. If Pleasure is right, and he has done his cruciate, then we need two central midfielders. One with the power of Reidy and one with more creativity.
  23. This is dreadful news, absolutely dreadful. I feel so sorry for the guy.
  24. I actually fo8und Mark Lamar really funnt on NMTB. He's obviously a dick, but that's what made him funny.
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