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  1. yes, the ai is real, they can cause the safety car to come out and actually put up a really good challenge on any level above intermediate - handling is greatly improved to, it's possible to catch slides now when you oversteer, can lead to some very hairy moments
  2. I picked it up last night - I think the only relation to GTA this game has is that it's its made by rockstar and that you can drive around LA pretty freely between locations, but don't be expecting to jump out of your cop car going on a shooting spree its not really a sandbox game at all in the way that GTA and RDR are. The focus is purely on solving cases and detective work with a few fights thrown. It's a very immersive and engrossing game. Hats off to rockstar for trying something new.
  3. Has he ever left a club and not burnt some bridges? I seem to remember he was doing the same thing at Porto a year or so before he eventually left. Seems he has a habit of doing this. Great footballer, extremely poor attitude.
  4. ME2 = Mass Effect 2 MAG - I think he means this http://blog.mag.com/blog/category/screenshots/
  5. Saw it 2 weeks ago, excellent movie. Some holes in the plot but its very enjoyable all the same.
  6. I saw it about 3 wks ago. Don't expect an action film with the obligatory bad guy or you'll be disappointed. There is no "plot" so to speak as it's more about the day to day life of what happens in an American bomb squad in Iraq and how it has affected those working in such an environment. I really enjoyed it and there are some very dramatic scenes. Thumbs up from me.
  7. Well since I was never interested in Haze anyway, this still ranks as MY biggest let down of the year since it was a game I was looking forward to greatly. The voice acting is awful. It sounds like someone reading from a script with absolutely no feeling in the voice what so ever. It totally ruins the experience for me. That coupled with having to travel massive distances to get to a mission and then having to battle roadblocks and every single vehicle you see on the roads before you even get to thje mission, makes it a less than stellar experience. Good game, but could have been an Excellent game with a little bit more polish. Adding to the FA3 recommendation, another game I rate and have just completed is Dead Space. Excellent game.
  8. Don't bother, biggest let down this year. Get Fallout 3 instead
  9. I see Body of Lies is released today for you lot in the UK. I saw it over here a couple of weeks ago. I think its a great Movie, both DiCaprio and Crowe are excellent. But i think Mark strong (here on imdb) steals the show as Hani the head of Jordanian intelligence. Not Ridley Scotts finest hour but very enjoyable all the same Overall 8/10 for me.
  10. Left 4 Dead on PC! (can't speak for 360 version) Wow, Valve you've done it again. Played till 2 in the morning last night. Best multiplayer game of the year for me. I've never experienced co-op multiplayer done as well.
  11. I've got to admit, as rants go, that was quality reading. I think it's easy to get mad at People badge kissing etc as its obviously a false gesture. Anyone who kisses the badge is obviosuly a mercenary looking for some kind of acceptamce or vindication (from whom i'm not to sure). But to be honest i'm past caring now. I dont really give a monkies what the mancs get up to.
  12. Yup, played and completed. My machoine (core 2 duo 3.2 ghz, 2gb, 8800 768 mb gtx) struggled to play it with all the very high settings on. I played it with some settings on very high and others on high with no AA just to get a smooth gameplay experience. Mind you this was at a res of 1920x1200 It still look the dogs through. Great game you wont be dissapointed.
  13. Bit nippy is it? I've just moved to Minneapolis and its f'ing freezing minneapolis weather and last week it reached -18 celcius!
  14. I would say that PGR is not its main competitor but Forza motorsport 2. Which is very very good. I'll get this as well. Looks awesome
  15. Best end credits to a game I have ever seen. Genius.
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