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  1. I think he looks like he's bulked out a bit over the summer
  2. It's very dense but Midnight's children is one of the best books ever writen imo
  3. I just bought an album by a artist called 'Porn Sword Tobacco' (Explains Freedom). I was mostly attracted by the name, but it turns out to be very beautiful ambient electronica recorded in a Swedish forest. Wonderful.
  4. Agreed. As is the new Explosions in The Sky album Anyone heard of a band called Efterklang? I just got a copy of their album Tripper and it's really brilliant. Kind of glitchy electronic fuzz with some nice brass and choral singing. Lovely stuff. I imagine that this album was recorded in a snowy Danish forest and lots of animals came to watch. They left nuts and berries to show their appreciation (and were subsequently eaten by bears).
  5. I'm surprised this topic has not come up Showed fantastic composure for his goal today, albeit against some pretty lackadaisical defending. That's 3 in 4 now
  6. Was talking to a West Ham mate about this exact thing today. Totally agree, pg
  7. Brilliant, I love all this stuff. This is what being in Europe is all about, weirdness at Ewood is just what the Dr ordered!
  8. Not sure about Nantes myself, Nancy on the other hand...
  9. Is Hell's Bells giving us many problems, I hear we've been booooing him
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