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  1. Exclusive: Blackburn Rovers pursuit of international midfielder faces collapse - Jaka Bijol For what it is worth. I'm not aware of any bid for this player. Think this might be agents+club trying to drive up the price and increase interest.
  2. Check the time and the date I posted the message and spend a little less time being obnoxious to strangers.
  3. As I revealed over 24 hours ago. Nice of the Sun man to catch up. ? Football Manager and Fifa are very good at getting player wages spot on in some cases. But in the cases of younger lesser known players they are horrendously off. Take that from someone who worked for EA 5ish years ago. Oelschlägel is on closer to £10,000 a week than £2,000 a week. Similar wages to Jordan Archer. Slightly less than Rob Elliot would want. The price structure Tony is trying to stick to for the second keeper is the £3,000-£5,000 a week bracket. Pears should meet that bracket. Oelschlägel would need to come down a bit.
  4. Eric Oelschlägel is another name which has cropped up this morning in the goalkeeper hunt. A player who was flagged by the European scouts whilst playing for Borussia Dortmund II. His contract expired this summer. Wages would be an issue I fear. Pears is still preferred.
  5. Mowbray is expecting to agree a fee with Boro to sign Pears. Should be around £300,000. Warnock is trying to drum up the price though by encouraging more interested buyers.
  6. We have Lenihan, Travis, Buckley, Costello and Nyambe.
  7. He refused to sign a disclaimer without a new contract that would have left him screwed signing for a new club after his contract with Boro expired. They basically wanted him to play with no protection should he be injured playing for them.
  8. Get his agent on the phone and extend his contract by 3 years. We have a ridiculously good talent on our hands with this lad and the sooner his longterm future is tied down the better. His contract expires in 2022. Let's make sure we don't have another Connor Mahoney.
  9. The term In The Know is such a moronic label. I'm not asking for credit. I'm not expecting plaudits. I know some sports agents, some staff at clubs, some players and some data analysts who also have access to people who are on the receiving end of information.. If I hear something I shall mention it on here if I think it's credible. Most instances I don't know targets. But sometimes I find out information.
  10. With Mowbray's virtual 5 man midfield, I'm still of the belief we are 1 man short.
  11. Shame for him is that making that choice he has incurred a 2 week long quarantine if he comes back to the UK. In other news, Mowbray, who see's no hurry in the transfer market and following through with players has only had 17 players in training for the Newcastle United match. Remember, most of these players are going to have to play the next Championship game as well.
  12. Personal terms were agreed. Saudi club just offered more.
  13. He snubbed us for a particular reason. That reason may have just changed.
  14. He's a paedophile. For goodness sakes let's say what it is.
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