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  1. Are you worried? Is it any worse than normal flu? Are the Chinese covering something up?
  2. Literally never. I have heard of LeBron James but wouldn't recognize him if he walked past me
  3. You say rovers I say Blackburn. The rest of the country says Blackburn. At the end of the day we all support the same club and want what's best for it.
  4. I wouldn't pick him up front over Armstrong. But defo over Gallagher. Would have had about 6 against Brum in the cup .
  5. Never heard of him. Helicopters are proven death machines used by mainly the rich. If he travelled by car or train he would most likely still be alive.
  6. I appreciate the intelligent reply. In my opinion though the team has not yet quite clicked. This is probably down to Mowbray. If/when it does though, got the makings of an amazing championship team.
  7. About half the home games a couple of away, and the ones I don't I watch on TV.
  8. Far too much negativaty on here. Armstrong and Nyambe are on fire and would get in any team in the league. Holtby and Downing are 2 of the most experienced and classy players in the league. Tosin a potential future man city captain and you have the recipe for success . Blackburn are serious playoff contenders.
  9. Mid table in spending but near bottom in attendances. Venkys have been doing there bit in recent times.
  10. Holtby can be at least as good as Dack providing he gets a run of games in the number 10 role and not shunted out on the wing. Blackburn 2 QPR 0 Armstrong, Holtby
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