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  1. i understand what your saying, but i dont believe that getting a striker who could score 15-20 goals for £10m (or however much we would possibly get for Benni) would be the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Hughes knows a good striker so he should be able to replace him with that sort of cash. All hypothetical of course, id much rather he stays here. If he goes there is a pretty bad trend developing....
  2. If he leaves we'll replace him with someone else who can score 15 - 20 goals. End of story. Just remember everyone was pretty pessimistic about replacing Bellamy this time last season and look what happened. If there is one manager who knows a good striker then it is Mark Hughes...i am not worried!
  3. If things continue the way they are going i cant see Nelsen ever leaving us to be honest. He doesnt seem like a money motivated player...and so long as Fergie gets his way and Quiros gets the Utd job, then i would thing that Sparky would be with us for a while too...certainly the next 4 years.
  4. To think that in the summer there were many people on here (myself included!!) who wanted to sign that big pile of poo Mido over this guy.....thank heavens we arent managers!! A very lucky escape for us there!!
  5. I think he's done pretty well really. He'd almost certainly be better next season, but i think hughes will be looking to bring in another top quality striker to play along side McCarthy. Wouldn't mind him as a squad player but his wages would be extortionate!! So thats a no from me
  6. Henchoz hasn't stepped a foot wrong since he's been back in the team that i can remember so he hasnt given any reason to drop him. If someone plays well, they should keep their place in the team (see Derbyshire!) I highly doubt that he will play a major part in the first team next season, but he has showed that he can be depended on when called into the team so he deserves this extension in my opinion. I Its not like hughes signed him to be first choice, but injuries have dictated that he got his chance and he's grabbed it with both hands!
  7. All this Mokoena bashing is getting a bit much... He aint going to distributed the ball like tugay does, but that isnt why he is in the team...he is in the team to win tackles!! Which he does!! Get over it!! I guess people need something new to moan about now that Neill has moved on though!!
  8. maybe we should give up on having a captain...they either bugger off to some other club or break their legs!! unless todd is back i cant see anyone thats stands out as a captain. Tugay will probably get it but other than that Maybe McCarthy? Dunn?
  9. I haven't actually attacked him though have i... I reckon the time was right, i wouldn't have been able to trust him playing for the rest of the season knowing that he's leaving. Silly when you consider that his performances have generally been good this term but that pessimism for you! The thing the annoys me about this transfer is the fact that everytime i get a shirt with a name on the back they leave!! First George Donis, now Lucas...any advice on who i should get next? Mokoena anyone?!
  10. he might not have said anything about the fans yet...but give it time. We all know that Neill can't keep his mouth shut so give it a few weeks before you start defending him!
  11. West Ham are going a bit nuts for defenders aren't they?!! First Davenport, then Neill and also bidding for Lauren and Upson!
  12. who's going to be captain now that it looks like Neills gone and Todd's possibly on his way to 'gers?! Not a lot of captain material in the first team is there...i'm not a fan of keepers as captains, and Tugay doesn't play all the time so who does that leave?
  13. not a bad price that.....Rather have £2m than Warnock and -500k thats for sure!!
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