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  1. Hello fellow southener.

  2. Just wondered if anyone recorded the match on BBC1 and if anyone was going to be selling some copies of the recording on ebay or on here? Please let me know! Edit: Have since been offered a recording... Suprised nobody listed the recording for sale on ebay though!
  3. Andre Ooijer has broken his leg!! Out For The Remainder Of Season
  4. Anyone know anything about this Chris Payne lad? Seems like the rovers are going to be quite busy this transfer window, plenty of trials coming in isnt there?
  5. Couldnt disagree more. Gamst is one of one of our most important players at the moment and if we sell him, and Dunn gets injured were going to be stuck... Besides with loosing Lucas, following what happened last season when we lost Dickov and Bellers (two other big characters) and the resulting dip in form, id rather we limited the big players leaving as it could effect our future form in the same way...
  6. Good artical on the Dunn transfer and his playing history at the Brum: Dunny
  7. According to John Williams: "You cannot say having a local boy returning would increase attendances but I think the fans would value having him at Rovers. "The question now is if we feel we want to match Birmingham's valuation. Otherwise, we will have to pass" Nope it wouldnt, not in Dunn's case. Also please please please dont fork out 2 million for the lad, it aint worth it and we have better options...
  8. Not that were going to act on that fact by the looks of it... The best we can hope for is Dunn and even thats rather disappointing...
  9. Dear oh dear, we scream out for a pacey creative midfielder and sign one who looks like he's pregnant, is known to be a bit lax when it comes to training and has a seriously bad history of injuries... If Dunn is the only midfielder we sign in the window then i will be very unhappy...
  10. Sorry, just thought it was a transfer issue and obviously a Lucas issue... Apologies
  11. Dont know if its true or not, but a mate of mine has just told me we have agreed a fee with Liverpool and he will be talking to them tomorrow.
  12. Agreed. Not sure that replacing a injured player, with a player who is always injured is the best way to go either... I think we still need to sign 2 central midfielders... Surely there are better ways to spend 2 million...
  13. Depends on several things, if he has strained or torn it, and also if he has done it to his posterior cruciate ligament or his anterior cruciate ligament. If he has strained either of these, he could be missing for anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. If he has torn/damaged it, your looking months... 4 to 12 months... Dare i say it, a bad tear has been known to end a footballers career.
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