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[Archived] Xbox Games ?

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The Splinter Cell games are good, however they have some very annoying little bugs/anomalies that haven't been ironed out after 3 attempts. There is a lot of hype around them, however don't expect them to blow you away.

Speaking of which, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction is available on Xbox and should now be relatively cheap. The PS2 version is brilliant so the higher platform title should be even better. A cracking game that didn't get anywhere near the coverage it deserved, you play as a mercenary (there is a choice of three, each with separate skills) in a future North Korean theatre of war. You basically drive around an absolutely vast landscape carrying out jobs for the various factions mixed up in the conflict. You can blow the sh*t out of most things and destroy everything else. There is infinite playability since the game's so bloody long and you have three characters. This is essential.

The most impressive game I've played yet on the Xbox is Prince Of Persia Warrior Within. Available in the cheaper 'Classic' series (the equivalent of Sony's 'Platinum' titles), this features an incredible free-form combat system that predates anything in God Of War and allows for endless possibilities when slaughtering (in very bloody fashion) the myriad enemies who cross your path. As a platformer it is as good as its predecessor Sands Of Time yet ups the ante action-wise. The recent final installment The Two Thrones was pretty slick, but nowhere near as involving (and addictive) or dark as this effort. If you buy no other game then you must buy this. IT IS BRILLIANT.

I only just bought Hitman Blood Money. I've barely gotten into to it but already I'm hooked.

Other recommendations include Black (overblown gun-toting, awesome graphics and gameplay), Star Wars Republican Commando (the best Star Wars game I've ever come across. Seriously good) and the ubiquitous Halo 2 (justifies the hype). The only problem with these titles are that they are far too short. I don't play my console dawn to dusk yet I had these finished in a couple of days. This fact is particularly annoying in relation to Halo. Just as your getting into it, it's over!

Anyway, happy shopping. :)

Edit: I forgot to mention Far Cry Instincts which won a heap of awards last year. It's a FPS with a twist. Very enjoyable.

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