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  1. Hilarity! http://deadspin.com/5592930/pug-singing-batman-pug-singing-batman
  2. So...does anyone playing Red Dead want to posse up at some point? PS3 gamertag: iamwithoutshoes
  3. Currently reading Eugene B. Sledge´s Pacific War account "With The Old Breed". It´s very hard to put down, absolutely gripping. Written in a very honest and direct way, it clearly comes across that the experiences that Sledge recounts are real lived ones even though the horrors described are beyond belief. With the excellent HBO series "The Pacific" recently on TV, which features Sledge´s story heavily, the book is essential reading. It´s quite clear why it is considered a Pacific War classic.
  4. So Iron Maiden have finally made their new album official, it is called "The Final Frontier" and will be released this summer. Excellent.
  5. Aww man, I wish I had a computer that could run that! Love the Silent Hunter series and really miss playing the games...
  6. Played the Batman demo today. Really enjoyed it, only thing that annoyed me was the over the shoulder camera angle which leaves Batman stuck in the left corner whatever you do. And to be fair, I can see the gameplay becoming a bit repetitive if we are getting "take down" puzzles constantly. Basically swing from gargoyle to gargoyle until you can clear a room and move on to the next. Hope I´m wrong. But it looked very good and the atmosphere was great. Nice and intuitive fighting as well.
  7. Hehe good take on trekkie fanboyism there... I went to see it last night and I enjoyed it. I´m not a Trek fan and have found it way to boring to follow whenever I´ve tried to watch any of it. So that is what I was going in with to watch it. But it was well paced, funny (some decent LOL moments), looks fantastic, plenty of action set pieces and tons of familiar faces.
  8. So Splinter Cell with a cape then? Alright, I´m down with that.
  9. Keeps me away from tougher enemies? If I follow the story I still have to cross the map to get to the point I need to be and the wasteland is packed with stuff that I have to run away from. I think the VATS system is stupid. Yeah, I can aim at whatever I want but it doesn't deal damage anyway. Oh and while the game slows down to show the "cool" animation of you shooting at stuff, it lets the thing you're fighting come right up and knaw on your face while you wait to get control again. Very lame.
  10. I've tried to play this game and like it but...it's no good. When you say try to avoid fights with tough enemies, I have to try to avoid fights completely. Everything I come across can take tons and tons of damage, it's ridiculous. Half the time I play the game is spent running away or trying to get from one point on the map to another while completely avoiding anything that may need shooting. Exploring is a complete waste of time. Shame, but this game turned out to be a waste of time. It's fine to make a game hard, but you should be able to at least make a dent in the enemy when fighting it. You don't get that chance here and when they limit the ammo and other stuff...I don't have the patience to keep at it.
  11. I haven't touched anything but the "be a pro" mode so far. So much fun! I'd like to know more about hockey tactics and plays though, I could improve my game a lot if I knew more about it. The commentary team (which is fantastic btw) talks about the slot, the point...I have no idea what they are on about. I'll see about getting a franchise mode going in a bit.
  12. Got NHL 09 as a pre xmas present for myself and I'm having so much fun with it. The various gamer sites keep mentioning this as the best sports game this year and I totally understand why. The be a pro mode is just so well done and so much fun, you keep wanting to play one more game. I'm not even a hockey fan and I don't know much about the sport but even without any sort of knowledge about it you get so sucked in. It looks great, plays great and is presented really well. Check it out!
  13. I'm finding Fallout extremely tedious. Only played a few hours and maybe I'm doing something wrong but its impossible to kill things. The guns are either weak and do no damage or its impossible to hit. All the while whatever thing you are fighting always hits, always does major damage and always attack in numbers. Means you waste tons of ammo and health pack for no good. Might trade this in soon.
  14. It's alright. Bit tedious to be fair, there's waaaaay to much traveling between missions, during missions, after missions...It can get a bit boring. Also, the map is so vast and there's no hud to speak of, so some dude can be standing miles away hidden in the bush shooting at you and you will have NO idea where it is coming from. It's annoying. Haven't played it online yet though.
  15. Yes, I did finish the game and I loved it. I do understand where you are coming from, was just having a laugh with the "I want more of the same, but different!" statement The missions did get a bit repetitive, I agree. You didn't HAVE to get all the clues to get the kill though, has to be said. I personally found the traveling between the cities (before you could port there) to be more of a chore. I enjoyed the game play, the combat was fun, the mysterious storyline and the spiritual undertones. And I did collect all the clues in every city before every kill. And I really didn't mind the repetitiveness of it at all.
  16. People keep harping on about Call of Duty when the only war game you should be playing is Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Overlooked game this year. I'd give Madden 09 a solid 8/10. Interesting Madden IQ system that adjusts the difficulty based on your performance, in theory. It doesn't work as well as it should but very promising. The weapons system is more balanced out this year as well. Plenty of tweaks as expected but the major thing is presentation. It looks much better than 08 and you get a pretty decent commentary this time. The guy doing the play by play is a little flat and boring but Chris Collingworth does a great job as color commentator. A good purchase. Sooo, you want it the same but more varied? Huh?
  17. I got Mirrors Edge today, very handy since I've been off work sick...but that's another story. I'm enjoying it immensely. I love the art design of the game. It has this cold, totalitarian feel to it which really works well. And the design of the cut scenes is also very good. I saw a review being critical of the cut scenes in particular but to me the way they are done work very well. Anyway, this is a game that is seriously frustrating at times but conversely, the feeling of accomplishment when you fly through the environment nailing jumps, slides, wall runs and hurdles effortlessly is really quite something. It's very addictive. Being that this is a first person game, that might carry certain expectations with it. Thing is, this is not a game for combat. It encourages you to run away. Some times you have to take on the enemy and the combat is...unique and also very difficult. The only weapons you carry are your hands and feet. Using them to deadly effect is quite possible but hard to get the hang of. Expect to die frequently and having to try again. You can disarm your foe with ease but this is down to timing and is also hard to get the hang of. You can use the weapons you take of your enemy but only as far as the gun/rifle is loaded. Some weapons will have to be discarded anyway as movement is seriously hindered by it and you need to be quick on your feet to get to where you're going. Getting around is fairly straight forward once you get used to the controls - and this isn't that complicated. However, in many parts of the game you are being chased by police or SWAT on foot or by chopper shooting at you. The environments can be difficult to get an overview of and when you have a sense of urgency from being shot at constantly you will take wrong turns and jump of buildings, missing ledges and basically falling to your death frequently, having to replay that particular section until you get it right. This can be annoying but I expect it to be a much improved experience on the second play through. I say that because when you get things right it just feels so damn good, you really have to play it to see what I mean. It's fantastic. The story is fairly straight forward but interesting enough to make you want to find out what happens next. So far this is a good purchase.
  18. Tried the Mirrors Edge demo the other day. I was a bit uncertain about how the concept would play out but it works very well and is in fact pretty addictive! Right now it looks like a definite buy.
  19. My only complaint, after being on it for about two hours, is that there is no HUD and when getting shot at it can be very hard to spot the enemy in the jungle environment. So you'll end up getting shot up having no idea where the enemy is or how many are coming at you. Also, the map system may be novel, but there could have been an easier waypoint system considering the huge game world and the amount of traveling you have to do to complete missions.
  20. Yeah by the sound of it, you've missed the point completely. Brothers in Arms is not a shooter and you do not play it to get a shooter fix. It is a tactical shooter. You play this game completely differently from the traditional FPS. Using cover and using your squad efficiently is essential to success. You should consider the combat in this game as "combat puzzles" in many ways. Once you adjust your gaming from the headless chicken/one man army play style I assure you that you will experience an extremely satisfying game with intense combat and action. The sound design is fantastic and the game begs to be played with the sound turned right up. Hell's Highway has a strong narrative as well and characters that are emotional, something which carries through in dialog. Animation is a bit limited regards to facial expression but the story completely works anyway. I'm surprised no one else has talked about this game here recently. It's one of the most enjoyable games I've played his year.
  21. Yeah I got it despite the reviews and I'm really enjoying it. I'd say some of the reviews are pretty accurate though. The game does have some camera issues, mainly in closed in environments and it can be quite annoying during some boss battles. But it also has moments that make you giggle with pure geekish glee. If you're a star wars fan, the story is interesting and promising (I'm only through two levels at the moment). Also, the force powers really make you feel very powerful and playing it makes you stronger as more powers are unlocked. I can't tell you just how amusing it is to find new ways to kill your enemies...fling em off ledges, fry em with force lightning, choke em, skewer them with your lightsaber...or a combination of them all. It's also quite funny to see enemies cling on to the environment or each other as you pick them up with force grip and toy with them before you finish em as the the evil sith you are And there are moments where you come across huge gates and just bend them open using the force. Or bend huge metal walls over to protect you from a shower of sparks. It makes the player feel very powerful. It's not perfect and it has some issues but so far for me, the fun outweighs the problems.
  22. Just came back from watching Wall-E and its just a wonderful, funny, touching, action packed and sweet film. And just beautifully animated. How they put so much emotion into robots is quite something. Loved it. Absolutely one of the best films I've seen this year.
  23. I played the demo. Lots of fun! I'll buy it. Didn't particularly notice any camera issues. I'll have to play through it again I guess.
  24. Jeez, that's some cold s*** right there man. Specially the first "strategy" shown in that video. Wow.
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