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  1. Recently bought God of War: Ascension. Has anyone else experienced a glitch in the game where you are battling the second Fury at the Gauntlet of Apollo? Early on in the encounter she simply starts to float in midair and cackle. You can land hits on her but none score. The phoenix thing which is flying around earlier has by this stage disappeared. The whole thing appears to be stalled. Any ideas? Cheers.
  2. I thought it was utterly superb. I've never enjoyed a QT movie more.
  3. I saw End of Watch this evening. It is absolutely superb. One of the best cop films you'll see in years.
  4. The penny dropping while spending a penny.
  5. The last episode was awesome. The conflation of penny metaphors (spending/dropping) was very clever.
  6. Absolutely loved it. Tempted to see it again. Urban really captures the fact that Dredd is an utter sociopath.
  7. You really are a minority voice aren't you? Whatever one thinks of The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter was a horrible, horrible film.
  8. Saw Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds on Monday night. Excellent, save for the fact he played for an hour (as part of larger bill, though he was clearly the main draw). I'd have been ###### off I'd paid. Watched it from the balcony of my mate's apartment overlooking the stage.
  9. It's nothing like that. I was put off for years due to similar reasoning. You'll not regret it. Make sure you watch the miniseries first which is set prior to season 1. Essential to knowing what's going on. There are similar spin-off productions explaining larger elements of the story. These were released during the course of the five seasons but they're not as essential.
  10. Superman and Total Recall are both based on original source material so I'm not sure any film adaptations can be called remakes. The Expendables 2 will be even worse than the first one. Guaranteed.
  11. People, The Dark Knight Rises is amazing.
  12. Absolutely love The Walking Dead, the pedestrian pace of the last season notwithstanding. The return of the awesome Michael Rooker only makes me want to see this more. As to the rest of this thread, has anyone mentioned the criminally cancelled How To Make It In America?
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