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[Archived] New Star Soccer 3

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Has anybody played this new star soccer 3.

You get a 10 match demo then you have to purchase a registration key.

I'm currently in my second season.

First season i was top scorer at Wrexham then i went to Nottingham Forest for half a million.

It plays like Sensible Soccer only you control just the one player.

Tis very addictive.

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I downloaded it as well last night and got a contract with Rovers. I've been slated in the newspaper after almost every match :P apart from one, when I scored and was brilliant against chelsea. I should probably have started with a lower league team since my stats are awful compared to the rest of the players in the premiership. Quite funny, but don't know if I want to pay £10 or whatever it was to it.

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Loved NSS, played loads of careers, becoming the best in the world and then taking drugs and being banned. Oops

NSS2 wasn't as good imo and NSS3 just goes totally away from the original game. Whilst i enjoyed it at the start it annoyed the hell out of me so i gave up on it.

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