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[Archived] Please Read.

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Three points that we wish to be made known:

[1] From now on, threads about immigration, race or religion will not be allowed on here. In fact any topic considered by the admin/mods to be potentially offensive, to any individual, wont be tolerated. Those topics will be locked or posts deleted. Posters could be suspended from posting, temporarily or permanently. Admin/mods decisions aren't negotiable.

(2) If you wish to have these debates, then this is no longer the place for you to post.

[3] When Admin first allowed a "ICBINF" forum, it was intended that it would be a friendly/helpful forum, that could be thoroughly entertaining. Hopefully, we can get back to that position.


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We tried self policing. It didn't work.

We tried treating everyone like adults. It didn't work.

We tried quite words in people's ears. It didn't work.

The mods are now spending almost all their time answering complaints and refereeing the same repetitive, futile little squabbles and trying to make sure every single thread doesn't get dragged off topic by the same dozen people using it to promote their own agendas. The mods work hard enough as it is without wasting so much of their time.

Over the summer, I swapped a few emails with Vinjay, who now seems to have grown up a lot and isn't quite as fixated with a single issue (he even admits he was wrong in part). It's a shame that some of those we haven't banned (but possibly should have) for similar reasons can't do the same.

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