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[Archived] Internet Problems

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Hi Guys I don't know if you will be able to help me out but here goes:

I've recently been having problems accessing certain websites (Ebay for e.g.) from my laptop. Whenever I try to access the page I just keep getting the 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' message. I know that the websites are working as I can access them from my work computer.

So far I have tried the following:

Deleted all cookies ect

Updated all my browser and flash player ect

Turned off my firewall and securty settings

Recovered my laptop and wiped the hard drive

However nothing seems to help. I dont know if it males a difference but Im running windows XP, sky broadband (Not wireless) from a Toshiba laptop.


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Try this:-

Goto - Start/Run and type - cmd (press return)

You will now see a command promt

Type: ipconfig /flushdns (and press return)

You should get something that says - Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

Now try again.

Also, this might sound silly but restart your Broadband router. Many times if a telco has made changes to the lines your router wont see them until it bounces - long shot but worth a go

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Cheers guys I have tried the suggested to no avail. It is really annoying me now lol

Are you sure its your laptop? I am wondering if its more to do with the broadband account. Have you phoned your ISP to see if there is a problem? It could be that your not the only one with the issue and there maybe some sort of problem with routing? It might be worth if you have a mate who could bring his laptop round to test on your connection to see if it happens to him/her - if it does you then can rule out your lappy.

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