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[Archived] S-video 8 Output

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I have a S Video 8 output on my laptop. Will that carry an audio signal as well as the video (I'm assuming yes, but want to check).

There's no other passive (unamplified) audio outputs from my laptop. I am looking at getting a S Video to (presumably 3) phono and putting it through my amp. I have a fairly low end Cambridge Audio amp and a couple of Gale speakers, what is the sound quality likely to be like? Would I be better off getting a 3.5 mill to 2 phono lead?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Bryan. :)

PS: The manuals don't help at all, I suppose next stop would be looking at manufacturer's website, but am hoping it's straightforward enough not to have to plow through tech support area.

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Never heard of S Video 8 bryan, but S Video is a high band video only output, with no audio. It is usually used to carry hi band video by separating luminance and chrominance until the last possible moment for improved video reproduction.

If you are wanting to play audio out of the laptop into your amp, just use a mini jack to two phonos into the aux of the Cambridge.

Audio quality is dependent on the original source. If direct from CD it should be "OK", but if it is from the library having been ripped it depends on the sampling rate used, the higher the better.

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Cheers Oz.

My separates are over 10 years old now, so am thinking of replacing them.

Saw this: http://www.richersounds.com/showproduct.ph...pid=TEAC-DRH300 which allows you to plug USB in, but not sure if it would play whatever audio signal is coming out of the laptop (eg DVD) or what. Think I may give Richer Sounds a ring, tehy were quite helpful 10 years ago!

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