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[Archived] Positive Rovers Press Comments

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From Paul Wilson in today's Observer sports section :

"The key to Blackburn punching above their weight in recent seasons has been finding top-quality players at reasonable prices and, just as crucially, keeping them content. That's no mean feat these days, whether or not Stephen Warnock asked for a transfer. Rovers would probably have clung on to Brad Friedel were he not almost as old as Pendle Hill.

Blackburn may just be the happiest club in the Premier League, certainly outside the big two, where salaries and success help keep everyone smiling. Mark Hughes deserves a lot of credit for that, though he didn't do it entirely on his own. In that most new managers walk into unhappy clubs, or situations where the scope for improvement is obvious, Ince is currently testing the theory that taking over a good club can be trickier than moving to a bad one."

....something of a contrast to the recent Daily Mail commentary....

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