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  1. Well come on..before the start of play it was obviously the most meaningless game of the day, its only because of the Wigan win which makes it more significant.
  2. I actually think Souey is a bloody good pundit...The logic some ofyou give could be applied to youselves...All of you lot who post on here are @#/? at football, so are you not allowed to slag off professional players?
  3. Im sorry, but i hate when people say, we must always play our 'best' team. Different players suit different matches (i,e, what the likes of Ferguson does at United). We are 3 points of 6th place FFS, get a grip! We're on a bad run of form/confidence...it's called football!! Get over it! Happens to every team apart from the top 3. A win at Bolton and Hughes will be King again ay!? And its amazing how before the game, people we're saying this was the game to give the likes of Traecey and Rigters a chance! Now Hughes has done that, he's an idiot. Wake up people!
  4. Well im sure if he had even a quarter of what most premier league clubs have to spend, he wouldnt need to play him!
  5. Meanwhile Bruce indicated that they had received a tentative enquiry regarding David Dunn, but there had not been any "serious offers". "He is fit now so it might be in our best interests to get a few quid and spend that on somebody else. "As long as we get the money we want for him it will be amicable, but we've had no serious offers for him." Bruce also said that if Dunn wasn't sold before the end of January, he would have no problem with considering the midfielder for a return to the team. "I wouldn't say he's kicked his last ball for the club, but he is available," added the Blues boss. "If he's doesn't go anywhere in the next three weeks then we may as well keep him. "We've paid him for the last two and a half years so we may as well pay him for another three or four months! "And if he gets fit and nobody comes in we've got a two year option." I think he gives it away a bit that it's from us by using the phrase, "it will be amicable"
  6. First post on this issue (first post in about 3months for me!), lost all respect for the guy. Granted he's a quality player but he doesn't want to be here and we (its seems) want him out too! EFF OFF Lucas
  7. What do you two expect, we're playing Liverpool, at Anfield! They're bound to have at least one spell in the game where they take control
  8. This is getting beyond a joke- 'Lawro' has predicted yet another Rovers win.........sack the fool! .............oh wait........
  9. so this programme will basically just tell us what everyboady knows
  10. Hope Huth starts, he wont be totally match fit and IMO, he pretty crap
  11. Well Boro have a Carling Cup game midweek so hopefully Woodgate can pick up an injury (just for our game of course nothing serious). Well Boro are doing what we did under Hughes when he first arrived in trying to be hard to beat and have no actuall intent to win the game. This means if Rovers get their defence right, we can pick them off when they try to attack, because they'll be under pressure from their fans after 10mins if they dont try to attack.
  12. I think even at this early stage of the season, everyone can see Bentley has improved a lot from last season and he will continue to do so I expect. I think he is just as good as Reid and could become some way better than him in the next couple of seasons.
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