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[Archived] Prague On A Jolly!

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In a few weeks it looks as though I will be going on a jolly boys tour of Prague for the weekend. As it's a few of my mates birthdays and mine also in the space of a few days, we thought we would celebrate somewhere different for a change.

I've read a few of the travel guides online and kind of understand the place to be is the new town and old town, plenty of pubs and clubs, cheap beer and nice ladies. We are going hostel style again after last years experience in Amsterdam.

Things to watch out for are obviously the usual pickpockets and the taxis but Prague on the whole i understand has a very low crime rate.

There seems to be many fun activities to do but there's one place that stands out called Big Sister! Has anyone been there?

Anyone with any tips or experiences of Prague would be much appreciated cheers.

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Just been there 18th August for 4 days, had a ball BUT BEWARE the following.

It is very very expensive and prices have gone up for the current holiday season, expect to pay around £2.50 - £5.00 for a large pint.

Beware pickpockets at night, there all over.

Dont get a taxi at the airport, get the 119 bus to the metro then the metro into the city. You can buy a 3 day ticket for £12.00, this allows you to travel on buses, metro and trams unlimited. The metro is excellent trains every 4 minutes.

Dont exchange all your money over here, out there you get a better rate if you withdraw from cash machines.

Football shirts are a nono. You wont get in any bars and wont get served. You will also attract Police attention.

Be prepared to pay more for meals than you would expect.

Do your drinking in Old Town Square, its the cheapest area.

if you venture in bars off Wenclaslas Sq at night or early evening be prepared for whores approaching, its full of them.

BIG MUST - visit the Little Brewery - go down from the museum metro station down wenc sq, at the bottom turn left and its 500yrds on the right. Beer is brewed in the pub at 80p a pint. Quality.

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