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Sorry to start a topic, but with the search function not working for me I've been unable to find the previous Rovers store topic. Anyway, I know people raised this issue before, but I can't place an order online as I can't activate my account as I never recieve the confirmation email. Even though I've asked for it to be resent four or five times now I've still had no luck. What solutions did people find?

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I didn't recieve the confirmation email either. However, I went on Activate my account and then below it should say the following:

"Or, if you dont know your membership number, enter your email address to have us email your login information."


I entered in my email and recieved it straight away. Once I got my customer number and password I activated it. I only did this a few days ago and registered as soon as the site was launched.

If that doesn't work then someone posted an email address you can write to but I don't know which one it was, maybe someone could help out on that?


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