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[Archived] Playstation Home

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Ok guys, after reddeming my voucher code I've had to install the game download (only 77MB). Once downloaded you are told that you have to 'reserve' a minimum of 3.5GB of our hard disk drive - for what, I don't yet know.

On starting the game you are thrust into a 'wardrobe' in which you get to customize your character. As this is only the BETA there are currently around 10 items of clothing in total, but I would imagine that many more will be availible (especially when Sony realise that they can charge).

You start the game in you're own apartment (mine has a view over a harbour) with some very IKEA'ish furniture. From here you can decorate your apartment and add furniture etc (No electrical appliances are availible yet).

Bringing up the menu allows you to transport to different areas with the BETA Home world. So far there is a cinema, bowling alley, shopping mall and some kind of outdoor meeting area. To enter these initially you have to download the area when prompted. Each takes around 1 minute.

This is where the fun starts.

I headed straight to the shopping centre hoping to buy myself some new gear (nothing in the shops yet though). Upon entering the mall I was met by around 50 people all doing various activities; playing chess, chatting, dancing and watching the various screens about the place (which all cleverly advertise Sony related products).

From here I just generally walked around the place chatting to people and doing a robot dance to my hearts content. Interaction with people can consist of bluetooth headsets, on line keyboard and a series of character animations (of which there are quite a few).

After a game of chess (which I lost badly) I headed over to the bowling alley to shoot some pins, play pool and play on the arcades which was good. Bowling was quite good and I exchanged a lot of banter with the person I was against. Echochrome was one of the arcade games availible to play which you might be familiar with from the PS Store.

I'm not sure what the point of 'Home' actually is, the best way I can describe it would be to put 'The Sims' and 'Facebook' into a blender.

No doubt you will giggle when dancing around and waving angry fists at everyone but I can't make my mind up whether its brilliant or the geekiest thing in the world.

Time will tell. Oh, it's also apparently free.

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