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[Archived] Quick Question W.r.t Public Schools And Comprehensives

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Evening all.

I was under the impression that public schools in England that received government funding had to allow the local state schools access to their facilities. E.g. in my old neck of the woods, the Bloxham School, and independent school gave free access to the Warriner School, the local comprehensive for the surrounding villages in the neighbourhood.

Is this correct? Or am I mistaken?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not an expert on this but I believe public schools have to make a number of places available to pupils who do not pay fees. Presumably this is paid by the state. When I was a lad it would have been called a scholarship and paid by the local authority.

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I think that might have changed a few years ago Paul. I know that used to be the case, but the private school in my local area stopped offering scholarships a few years back.

That's as far as my knowledge stretches really though so I could easily be wrong.

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When I first read pg's opener I was thinking of public schools in the sense they are not state funded, rather than public in the Eton sense. I should have said private rather then public. Anyway a quick google revealed two examples of the sort of thing I had in mind, though I had thought the funding was Local Authority rather than from a trust of some sort, these two examples are true public schools:

Eton College

Kings Chester

Until the 1997/8 Education Act we had the Government Assisted Places Scheme whereby pupils who could demonstrate ability equal to the top 10 -15% in private schools could get state funding to attend such a school

Then you have this which is quite interesting Sutton Trust

I think we can conclude the picture is very muddy! When I was a lad one took the 11+ and if one passed the local authority would fund a place at a fee paying school. Of course one had to be from a good Catholic background as well!! That was more than 40 years ago.

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