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[Archived] Football Manager Live

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So this is meant to be a game thats a "combination of Fantasy Football, Auction sites, Social Networking and the Football Manager concept all rolled into one".

Sounds pretty good to me. Anyone here going to sign up? I tried to sign up, but obviously as it was launched today the servers are jammed. I have no idea what it will cost though.


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It has been running for a few months. I was part of the beta test.

I enjoyed the beta but decidedthat with my job (and FM09) I wouldn't be able to commit to it enough to justify it (or I would spend WAY to much time on it).

Have a go though. I think it was £22.99 for 3 months, £43.99 for 6 and £72.99 for the whole year.

I am not sure whether there are any trial options available, although I was sent an email the other day that gave beta testers half price subscription. I may well sign up to get me through the rest of Winter.

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Hmmm. Don't quite like the whole WoW idea with monthly subscriptions etc. But if there's a trial I'll give it a test.

I just hoped this would be a bit more casual than FM.

I stopped playing FM as I feel it's a bit too slow and cumbersome, and there's always something better/more sensible to do. Now with kid #2 on the way, I guess I won't get back to it until they are out of the house in about 20 years :P

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Guest Kamy100

I was part of the beta and thought initially that it was very good, however after a month or so I found that the time commitment was quite big, even if you join one of the Casual Football Associations if you want to be successful you do need to log on at least once a day, I also found that a lot of people were not playing matches so when the match eventually took place it their team was controlled by the AI, apart from taking half the fun away I found that AI controlled teams were very effective.

I also found that with FM2009 I have times where I play a lot but then might go a couple of weeks without playing it but with FMLIVE this is not possible (Well it is but you are likely to not to be successful). The transfer market work very well but again if you are getting involved in auctions then you need to have the ability to log on at the time that the auction is going to finish, there were a lot of players who I lost out on because of the auctions finishing during working hours when I couldn't log on.

I did enjoy it particularly playing against human opponents that was a real challenge and very enjoyable. Also due to the budgets you start off with the game requires you to scout players properly and try and find young players and develop them so to maximise their potential. I had a young Spanish player whom I got for £70,000, over three seasons (Each season normally lasts 2 weeks) I developed him and he became a first team regular and produced some sensational performances in the third year, the "big" teams (these are the successful ones who through winning competitions have vast financial resources) started to circle which resulted in a bidding war and I sold him for £3 million (which a huge amount of money in FMLIVE)!

The concept is good and am sure people will get enjoyment out of it, but the time commitment issue makes this a no go for me.

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