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  1. Yes that would be great. So one of the favourites can be knocked out. A shame Inter made 2 defensive mistakes AND failed to score some great chances. Game plan went down the toilet when Cristina scored. Was hoping Arsenal would get knocked out as well.
  2. Why bother, Waggy? Is your bitching going to accomplish anything? No. You'll just keep getting more unpopular with every post. Everyone on the mb and beyond have got the message now.
  3. Woohoo Just ordered Saints Row II and Farcry 2. Bioshock will have to wait
  4. COD5 is basically COD4 in a different setting. Think that's a pretty fair assessment. That could be good or bad of course depending on whether you liked the last one or not. I've only played two chapters of the campaign mode, but I'm already enjoying this every bit at much as Modern Warfare. The weapons feel great (was a little worried..) and the story appears to be solid like the last one. Finished Little Big Planet story maps tonight as well, so this will now take its place as the nightly entertainment (at least when the wife doesn't need the TV)
  5. I downloaded the Mirrors Edge demo but it's too hard for me. Did feel very unique though. Little Big Planet on the other hand is rewarding and not very frustrating at all. Almost done with the story missions now so time to conjure up a custom map of sorts. Should be fun. Tomorrow COD5 will arrive in the mail so good thing the wife is out all night.
  6. Doesn't look like it'll be forthcoming though, seeing as Sunderland have signed both David Healy and Cisse today. Galatasaray still interested?
  7. Very kind of him. Helped keep us above West Ham in the league. It's the least he could do.
  8. Ditto. Was a bit nervous after that lunge though, when he was already on a yellow.
  9. Feel sorry for the guy. If he does turn out to be guilty though.....
  10. Hear hear, Eddie. There are some players who get an unfair amount of stick (remember, it doesn't help to get on a players back when he's off form), while others can do no wrong. It would be interesting to see what Roberts could do in this side, given a 10 match run. Or even a whole season. I'm willing to bet that he wouldn't score every other game. Sell the troublemaker, let the (arguably) biggest star at the club rediscover his form along with a few others, and we'll be back on track soon enough. Clearly that's why Hughes persists in starting Benni - so he can find his feet again. I'm not in support of selling off the clubs most gifted players when it is so hard to find replacements.
  11. Doesn't look like Benni though. Anyone supposedly wanting to leave would probably be interested in putting themselves in the shop window by performing at every opportunity. I don't believe Benni is disinterested, it just isn't coming off for him at the moment and it frustrates him. So maybe his head drops because of that. Then again, I haven't been to a game this season either....
  12. Any hot tips for a new game for my Wii? Been looking at Zelda and Metroid Prime: Corruption, but they are not exactly fresh meat. I need a driving game (wish Burnout was coming to the Wii... ) and a cool FPS. The controls in Far Cry left me unimpressed. Might look to the new Medal Of Honour when that comes out.
  13. Another relatively fresh that it seems hasn't been posted. Has some of the same stuff as WB's, and more.
  14. Yeah he'll be like a new player, but certainly not an automatic choice in our current midfield. Who's he going to replace? For me it has to be Gamst, if any. Bents on the left and Reid on the right. Not a chance he could dislodge Dunny/Sav at the moment.
  15. I remember one thing, Fife: a nifty backheel along the touchline to Gamst (who then squandered it). Might I add Gamst was also rather "off form" today along with Benni.. Ah well. They will both find form I'm sure.
  16. Hey look, we've gone up a place Everton hot on our trail though. Other than them no real threats. Pretty similar to my league table prediction actually.
  17. Nooo, sir. You're talking about the january game. Hughes' first game was in september.
  18. Blackburn: Friedel ,Neill ,Short (Amoruso ,41 ) ,Matteo ,Gray ,Emerton ,Ferguson ,Flitcroft ,Pedersen (Jansen ,58 ) ,Stead (Bothroyd ,64 ) ,Dickov Subs not used: Tugay,Enckelman,
  19. Can't see why he would want to go there, Neil. After reading the last two posts I'm not that worried anymore. I think he'll stay now.
  20. Great stuff! Not a second too short, that contract. Shorty was still doing a job for us at 37. I'm sure Ryan can too.
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