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[Archived] Worst Advert Ever...

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There is some seriously crap advertising out there at the moment. The little boy who will only poo at Paul's (and who in past times would have got a richly deserved back-hander!), the girls who tell their dad he could get a girlfriend if he dyed his hair ( :blink: ), any of the 118 adverts - all would be contenders for worst advert ever. Until, that is, Natwest decided to launch their latest ad campaign. Despite the fact that they (and their parent company RBS) have helped to get closer to breaking capitalism than even communism could manage, despite the fact that they have chalked up the biggest loss in British corporate history (£29Bn), despite the fact that they are in hock to the government and saddling us with a debt for generations they have decided, with no hint of irony or shame, that they will deign to allow us to come into their branches for free and impartial (ha!) advice on HOW TO MANAGE OUR MONEY :angry2: Are they serious? Are they having a laugh? Are they taking the p*ss completely? When the government pass that law to revoke Goodwin's pension, they should blimmin well ban that advert as well.

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