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[Archived] Sky Plus Hd Freezing

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Our sky plus HD box keeps freezing. It makes a strange noise then freezes for a couple of seconds then plays again. Keeps doing it, but seems to be getting worse, currently plays for about 2-5 mins then freezes and so on. Sometimes doesnt do it all day then will get realy bad for a time freezing every couple of minutes. Also it was being really unresponsive and slow before, (channel changes about 2 seconds after pressing the remote). Ive heard sort of scratching sounds coming from within the box recently aswel. I hope the hard drive isnt damaging itself.

Really really frigging annoying as its started to play up bigtime right in the middle of the footy!

Anyone else have these problems?

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Guest Kamy100

There have been a lot of problems with the SKYHD boxes and could be a that your box is broken (particularly if it is a THOMSON one). The other thing that you can do is try and update the the firmware, sometimes this is known to cause freezing problems so updating it may solve your problems, to do a firmware update you must:

* Switch Off HD Box (at mains)

* On the SKYHD Box Hold the BACKUP button (must use the one on the box and not the remote).

* Keep hold of BACKUP button and switch the box on at the mains

* Keep hold of the BACKUP button until there is a message on your screen that the firmware is being updated

* Wait (Normally takes 10-15 mins to update the firmware).

If that doesn't solve your problems then give SKY a ring and ask for a replacement, if you have had the box for more than a year then say that you want to cancel, when they ask why say that the box is not working properly and you refuse to pay money for a new so have decided to go to Virgin. They will offer you a replacement free of charge to keep you as a customer.

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Guest Kamy100

Yup they work on normal Sky+ boxes as well.

Well worth a try as most of the time it sorts out the problems.

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