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[Archived] Family Stand

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I'm thinking of getting a season ticket for my kid, all I need to do is decide where.

Can anyone tell me what there is that is different to the rest of the ground. I seem to remember about 8/9 years ago on a ground tour that there is a family room with MacDonalds and maybe computer games in, is this still the case. I'm a bit worried that she may get bored or not come on very often so if she has something to do when she does get bored (or cold in the winter) then it maybe worth my while going in the family stand.

Cheers for any replies!

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Having been in there recently with my grandson, I am not sure I agree on the swearing. The noise from the Lower Tiers reverberates upstairs and the noise and swearing somehow appeared louder.....

We did have a guy sat in front of us who had brought three young children with him along with several cans of carlsburg! We had to catch one of the children as he fell of the seat he was insistantly standing on. The guy appeared too interested in sneaking his cans in and out from under his coat. Luckily one of the stewards saw him and turfed him out otherwise we were close to bubbling him!!

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