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[Archived] Lap Tops/note Books

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My better half is on the lookout for a laptop for work. Her works won`t provide one but she feels one will help her a great deal, cos she tends to bring stuff home with her & she could connect up to her company`s system from home.

I`ve seen these smaller laptops (are they called notebooks??:huh:) & i`m wondering if they can take microsoft office & all that bumf??

We`ve not got alot to spend, but are on the lookout for a decent set-up (& low price)

Does anybody have any good cheap recommendations??? :huh:

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Found this on the net hope it helps. Personally I would go for a Laptop I have both and I just prefer the Laptop saying that I am old fashioned. Also if you are going to use it for work don't buy a Celeron processer. You might pay the bit extra for Duel Core however, it will be money well spent.

You may be wondering what's the difference between a notebook and a laptop computer? The answer depends on who makes it. Some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) call their mobile computers "laptops" and some call them "notebooks". The terms are often used interchangeably. Lately, a new breed of terms have been popping up. Terms like deskbooks and Tablet PC's.

My personal distinction between a laptop and a notebook is this:

Laptop computers are somewhat larger than notebooks and will accommodate a built-in disk drive unit and; optionally, a floppy drive unit. That is, a CD ROM drive is either built into the unit or the unit has a built-in bay that will accommodate a removable CD ROM drive.

Notebook computers will allow you to attach, via cable, a CD ROM drive. Since the drive is not built into the unit, notebooks are smaller and lighter than laptops. Hence, a notebook is an ultra small laptop. Another way to look at it is a notebook is about the size (or a little larger than) of a real [binder] notebook.If you use note books are more harder than laptops as my laptop's system dead twice but note book not.

Deskbook computers often refer to mobile computers that can be considered as desktop replacement units. Deskbooks tend to be larger and heavier than average notebook/laptop computers. Generally the display units are 15 inches or larger. They tend to draw down battery power relatively quickly due to their powerful, but power-hungry, processors. If you are looking for the power of a desktop unit, with the freedom of mobility, then a deskbook may fit the bill.

Tablet PCs are mobile computers with a twist. That is, you can literally twist the monitor. Being a Tablet means that the display screen will swivel on its base - usually 360 degrees. They generally allow you to capture handwriting and store it on the computer. Tablets are no more mobile than any other laptop or notebook.


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Have a read from there, there's a few suggestions that might help.

Need a bit more info to suggest something specific really. Would it just be used to do work in Microsoft Office? Would she be carrying it to and from work a lot?

Choosing between a laptop and a netbook (notebook is the American for laptop) is really just weighing up the compromise between portability and performance. If it's only going to be used to do work on and will be carried around a lot, a netbook could be the best option.

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