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[Archived] Sunderland Fans - Guilty Until Proven Innocent


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Normally I wouldn't respost this without looking into it a lot more first but the FSF getting a lot of press coverage, so I thought I'd give their side of it at least, but it does seem like an extreme case of guilty until proven innocent, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, unless I'm mistaken, Sunderland are viewing this the same way the police view banning orders (i.e. nobody needs to be guilty, only suspected of not being innocent), so to me it's an example of a much bigger issue.


This petition has been created following an approach to the Football Supporters' Federation by a group of Sunderland fans arrested, but not charged, for their involvement at an incident that took place at Newcastle Central Station on 8th August between supporters returning from the Hearts pre-season friendly and Northumbria Police.

These supporters have continually maintained that they are innocent of any crime and were shocked and outraged to receive notice that they have been banned from attending games at the Stadium of Light around 28th November, nearly three months after the event.

This is despite the fact that not one person has been charged with any offence and that Sunderland’s own safety officer, Paul Weir, has admitted to fans that many will see no further action from Northumbria Police.


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I've read quite a bit about this incident too and it all seems pretty dodgy to me.

If (and it's a large IF) any of them are suspected of any crimes then they should be given a hearing in a court of law.

If they aren't suspected of anything then what grounds does the club have for banning them?

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