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[Archived] F.A.O John Williams


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Dear John,

I'm sure you read these boards at times and I wonder if you are as blind as the current team's manager is inept to the anguish that EVERYONE associated with our club is feeling at the moment?

We see you sat there game after game next to the manager and I am wondering what you really think about the team? the tactics? the way we play? You have presided over quite a few managers now John , all with there own ways and styles, and I want to ask, as a spectator, are you feeling proud? happy? looking forward to the future?

Are you happy that the 'expert' continues to play with one up front even when we're losing ? Are you happy that the one up front is played game after game even though it doesn't work?I wonder if Jack was still around would the manager still be here ? You had the courage to sack Ince and I wonder why allardyce is still here.

Do you not question the signings? As an example... Salgado? from his very first game to last night's 'display' he has proved inept and out of his league (and time).

The argument that we have no money just doesn't wash John... I am sure you look at the wage bill and see how 'small' that is often.

There are plenty more people on here who can put this case more eloquently but I implore you to act NOW and sack the manager... he has no passion for this fight we're in and it's time we had someone who will get everyone at the club fired up



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JW To Barry "OK smart-arse - who do will replace him with?"

The best man for the job.someone who knows best .someone who has their finger on the pulse with players staff and fans.....step forward message board hughesey .THAT MAN IS YOU

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