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  1. My sister and brother in law came up from Cornwall for the Derby game, in particular to bring my 9 year old nephew to his first game.} your son came all the way from newcastle

  2. Strikes me that whoever is responsible for negotiating contracts with players at the club should now begin point blank to refuse to include 'Release Clauses' in any future agreements. This is simply because there is no value in these clauses to the club (except of course to help persuade players to sign). The value is entirely stacked in the player's interest plus that of other 'bigger' clubs and unscrupulous agents. I mean, other than for Shearer, when has a release clause actually benefitted Rovers? At the very least we should insist that the amounts required to invoke release clauses actu
  3. That would be fab - Garner scoring 5 against Derby (?) (memory is going!), meat pie, a pint and a packet of woodbines before a game... and he was STILL able to beat most defenders to the ball even with them having a 20 yard start. One of the hardest working footballers ever to wear the famous blue and white halves - young Matty D reminds me of Garner in the way he chases and chases and works for the team - an ablsoute legend. I like the online museum idea - surely we could get a brewery, bakery or tobacco company to sponsor it
  4. Der.... I'm confused. Is Lucas still a Rovers player or has he signed for the (cringe) claret and blue hammers? Can't see anything to confirm he has gone. I'd like to see this wrapped up ahead of the weekend, as I feel we need to get a settled squad focused on the job(s) in hand as soon as possible. All of this 'is he / isn't he' fandango is nothing but an unsettling influence on the side, not to mention somewhat galling for the supporters. Anyone got a definitive answer? Is Lucas Neill going? Either way, I hope he isn't included for the short trip to Eastlands tomorrow, although the beeb st
  5. This is a subject that deserves a Poll. Mods - please can we have a new poll - subject = Fans' Choice for Club Captain. Ta.
  6. We all go because of a phenomenon called Intermittent reinforcement schedule - THE most psychologically addictive behaviour modification pattern. Basically, we go because we are addicted to the thrill of winning occasionally - there will be no Chelski fans who feel quite as passionate about their current club, basically because they are always positively reinforced (by the team winning), whereas we just cant predict who is going to turn up on any given match day (no pun intended for those traumatised by Saturday's goalkeeping display). Same thing for Scumchester at the moment. If you win all
  7. Hold on just a minute, scary rumour-mongers... In Mark Hughes we have an excellent up and coming manager, capable of motivating players, commanding their respect and loyalty, able to blend the resources at his disposal into a good premiership outfit. Plus he has shown the ability to confound the critics, enabling Rovers to shed their bully-boy image in favour of a perception of a solid (if workmanlike) top level side in all minds except for a small minority dahn saarrff. There is simply NO evidence that changing managers mid-stream works for clubs like ours. I have no doubt that except fo
  8. Taking my two sons. So yes, I think so. C'mon you Blues - lets keep the momentum and excitement going after last night's heroics. See you on Sunday.
  9. 20 pints on a Thursday night at the Beechwood Butcher, as I remember. I used to live next door to Roger Jones as a kid. Nice fellow. For me, you'd have to go a long way to beat Terry Gennoe as the zenith of Rovers goalkeepery. I think Brad is excellent, but Terry could handle crosses and dominate the area in a way that few I've seen since can match. John Filan had (has?) immensely strong arms, was a great shot stopper but wasn't quite tall enough. Bobby Mimms was very capable, yet never put the fear of god into attackers or gave the requisite levels of confidence to his defence - he al
  10. Well, to be fair, it will probably deter me from making a 300 mile pilgrimage on a wet Monday night... I'll just shout louder at the telly in the pub. I think Wigan have shot their bolt for the season now, and this will be the game that finally nails their european ambitions back on the back burner for next season. 3-0 Rovers Come on!
  11. It's a banana skin simply because people are expecting us to win it, due in part to our excellent home form (statistically at least) and Boro's midweek exertions. I agree with you that Boro have an exceptionally talented front three who, on their day, can run amok. But then again, I just have a feeling that Rovers will find the edge and put Boro to it, skinny bananas or not.
  12. Banana skin IMO: Boro will be looking to avenge the two smacks we gave them over Christmas when they were down in the dumps. Their players will be on something of a high from their performance in Rome and the club generally has bounced back from the doldrums only a few weeks ago. I know Hughesey will be psyching the lads up properly, but after the footballing lesson that Villa taught us in the first half last week, we will need to come out of the traps early and at speed in order to gain the upper hand against Boro. The key will be to occupy and dominate midfield and get the front men ca
  13. Priceless! Now, can anyone with media contacts get (leak?) this ASEF post into a more prominent place (such as Football 365 or such like...) That would be a laugh nerr, wouldn't it - I mean, the fact that Lawrenson is where he is in the media says more about the BBC than it does about him, doesn't it
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