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  1. Are we fooling ourselves, here? Is mowbray really going? On other social media sites you would believe that we're doing well and the manager isn't going.
  2. Gallagher puts zero effort into his game. If he applied himself more he'd be a much better player.
  3. starting to feel apathetic towards the fortunes of my club
  4. I'm watching the EFL highlights on Quest and the worry is that we'll slip even further down the leagues. Just fuck off already mowbray you dour useless inept failure.
  5. No one's doubting that. Promotion from League 1 was a good achievement and, because the other teams were generally poor, we had a good time. He's signed some good players. Apart from that, his football is awful. He took us down because he couldn't get the team to win more games. Three seasons of mediocrity. We aren't progressing. The football is just abysmal. Taxi for mowbray.
  6. In the 4 months since this thread started, nothing's changed regarding the awful awful roverstore. I wonder who is in charge of selecting the styles ect.
  7. Good old Mowbray... cheering another Saturday along. Not that i've been watching, but we'll come out second half and smash these
  8. Just wondering how many of these polls we've had about our mediocre manager. If only someone could let the rao family that their man is bringing nothing but shame upon them.
  9. our defending is a bit 'dads army' dont panic, don't panic! ' Douglas pathetic wherever he plays
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