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[Archived] Evening With Mike Newell

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Anybody on here go to this last night ? How was it and how did Mike come across ?

Yes it was really good. Mike appeared quite nervous at first however the interviewer (someone from Radio Lancashire) soon put at him at his ease. The first question asked was about his views on women officials following his comments on the lady linesman and the trouble he got into with the FA.

He went on to talk about his time at Blackburn, other characters, stupid games and jokes they played on each other etc... It was really good fun.

I would encourage anyone to goto these evenings. I have been to three now. For a fiver you get a pint and a pie, so effectivly you get your money back. You are close to the legends, can get autographs and photos (sat on their knees if thats your bag!). There is a long interview in which the guys are really candid (I am guessing most questions will have been agreed beforehand, although they appear to hold not much back.) You have the opportunity to submit your own questions on a form provided which they appear happy to answer. It really is a very good night. Good fun and laughs.

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Thought Mike was fantastic last night. I have been to a few of these now and he was by far the best! Witty and funny, its good to get some sort of insight into what went on behind the scenes. Thoroughly enjoyable and i cant wait for the Robbie Savage one!

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I'd endorse the above - I feared he would be a bit tongue tied but if anything he was quite the reverse ...."I don't want to disclose the club's business but yeah we (Shearer & Newell) were approached about the manager's job......hang on I've just disclosed it haven't I ?"

These are very enjoyable evenings....hope they continue.

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