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[Archived] Fans Forum 26/4/10

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There are a few updates from last night's meeting of the Fans Forum: -

1. The season ticket packs should be going out next week. As has been posted, they have been delayed by waiting for a "component" to come in from China, because of the volcanic ash. Don't know what the mystery component is.

2. Everyone will get a new season ticket card this year. The new cards will have the smart technology for the loyalty scheme, although this won't start straight away.

3. One or two people have asked whether the cost of the three extra games for Darwen End season ticket holders could be added now so that direct debits can cover it. The club are going to look into whether this can be done.

4. The recent changes to the ticket office have no ulterior motive. It has been done to provide a better experience for fans, who can now buy tickets inside the shop and combine tickets with merchandise in one payment. It has the advantage for the club of encouraging people into the shop and therefore driving more sales and also the staff in the ticket office and the shop get more variety. No one has lost their job. The ticket office will still open as normal on match days and would also be used if needed if there was a big demand during the week, such as for cup tie tickets.

5. The new away strips are being delayed, again because of volcanic ash delaying the air freight from China. The club hopes to be able to announce a new date by the end of this week.

6. There are no fixed plans for pre-season friendlies as yet. There will be a week in Austria but this will be just for conditioning and no games will be played.

I would suggest that if you want to comment on any of these you do it in the relevant thread or creae a new one rather than having several topics in one on here.

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