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  1. My understanding is that Government policy is to wear a mask if you are in close contact with others indoors. Spot the mask. Do as I say, not as I do?
  2. Right now the as it stands table has the top 12 teams separated by 4 points.
  3. No. They were agreed yesterday. I leave it with the IT team to put them out when they can.
  4. My wife’s old surgery had a day of flu jabs scheduled for 25/10 but has had to postpone because they can’t be sure they will have the jabs delivered.
  5. If Liz Truss is the answer what the hell was the question?
  6. Well I was sat in a room with him for two hours on Monday.
  7. The actual figure on Monday was 6,995 STs sold., quoted at the Fans Forum.The Hull game was the last one that you can offset any tickets bought for home games against the price of a ST. So we may well just get to 7K, plus a few half STs later.
  8. That is my email Tony but I don't recall getting a message from you. I could easily have forgotten though at my age! PM me your email address and I will search for it. I would be grateful if you could take out my email address on the above message as I prefer not to have it on message boards.
  9. The Fans Forum minutes from last night should be up on the club website some time tomorrow.
  10. Comprehensive victory for Lancs whilst it seems to be raining everywhere else. Just need Hampshire to beat Nottinghamshire now and Lancs are very much back in the hunt.
  11. Tony - I don't think I've had any contact with you to raise these issues with the Fans Forum? Anyway we had the latest Forum last night and I raised your collective concerns. As you no doubt know there is nothing the club can do about games that are shown live on TV in your jurisdiction - they are contractually bound not to show them on RoversTV. However Steve Waggott has undertaken to check about showing full game replays so I will get back to you all as soon as I get a response.
  12. I presume it's available on the Sky Red Button service as is normal for midweek games?
  13. Tonight is the key episode of Fever Pitch as it covers our PL winning season. I can already hear the excuses that we only won because of Cantona's kung-fu incident.
  14. As it happens I have Planet Super League and Cup26 on the Fans Forum agenda, having just found out about it last week. There are 49 clubs signed up including Burnley and PNE but not Rovers, but I will be asking the question why not tonight.
  15. There’s no logic to why Chile is on the UK’s red list, but then when has logic been part of our Government pandemic planning. Currently the whole of South America is red. There is a reasonable chance that Chile might move to amber which would free Ben up to travel to play in at least the two home games. Chile are also due to play Peru away so Peru would also have to change to amber for that but that’s also a reasonable possibility.
  16. There will be an opportunity next Summer when India are coming over for some one day games so it could be done. Whether it will is another matter.
  17. The BCCI are offering to reschedule the game, although god knows when and where that could be.
  18. I was due to be at Old Trafford volunteering on Sunday for a charity I'm involved with. Still at least i don't now need to get up early as I was going to have to be there at 8.15.
  19. I did a quick sum and if the 1.25% had been in place for the 2020/21 tax year I would be paying an extra £8.76. The shares I own have now changed and when the extra tax on dividends comes neither I nor my wife will pay anything. Thanks to all the rest of you who will be paying on our behalf.
  20. That's not very logical Gav. No doubt German exports may be down because of the pandemic but there is no reason why the pandemic has forced German exporters to reduce sales to the UK more than to other countries. If imports and exports in and out of Germany are down and Brexit had never happened the Uk would still be in the top 10, just with smaller volumes.
  21. An excellent rearguard action from Lancashire just falling short of hanging on for a draw against Notts. Given they were without Jennings, Livingstone and Parkinson and lost Mahmood as a bowler on the first day and facing a total of 443 to win in the last innings that they have only just lost was a good showing. Alex Davies' head already seems to have gone to Warwickshire - 2 ducks in the game. It;s a good job there were two Preston lads in the team - Danny Lamb and Tom Bailey took 12 wickets and scored 135 runs between them.
  22. Gav - I don't have any problem in paying more tax for better public services but surely you can't seriously be championing a more regressive way to do it? It's not the increase in taxes that infuriates me it's that the method is targeting poorer people at the expense of richer folk. (For the avoidance of doubt what the Labour Government did in 2002 was just as bad). I am personally in a situation that I will pay a very small amount of extra tax and none at all until at least January 2024. You and Chaddy and anyone else on PAYE will be paying from next April. I'm not sure all the Red Wall Tory MPs agree with you Gav - one was reported on Newsnight last night to have been in tears saying s/he will be losing their seat at the next election now.
  23. I don’t object to the raising of money or really to the breaking of a manifesto commitment given what has happened since the election - something needed to be done to provide money for social care. BUT. Firstly there was another manifesto commitment that has been completely ignored - the Tories promised to produce a solution to social care that had a broad consensus of approval across the political spectrum. Johnson hasn’t even got a consensus in his own party. Secondly how can so many people be fooled about an NI increase being progressive? Frankly the most sensible plan, as outlined in an article in the i today, would be to abolish NI altogether and just increase income tax, which is more progressive. Why have two different taxes on income with different rules, one of which is not paid at all by people like me who are retired? Thirdly, most of this extra income won’t get to where it’s needed in the social care system for years. Then, to cap it all, this absolutely shameless Government has chosen today of all days to table the second reading of the Elections Bill - a piece of legislation so thoroughly designed to reduce voting by people who are less likely to vote for them it beggars belief. It says something that it has taken an announcement to raise taxes to keep this off the news agenda. Has anyone heard mention of the Elections Bill on the news today?
  24. And my point is that 99% of the medical profession are convinced that there is no value in hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus. I am sure that there may be some nutters in the medical profession that might think there is and no doubt you have spent some time looking for them. You're right that I'm not a doctor but my wife is (or was before she retired after a long career) - her reaction when I showed her your posts was a combination of a laugh and a shake of the head. You're right that it's common that a drug used for one condition can be found to be useful in another. Dexamethasone is a good example. But it doesn't mean that they all are. Perhaps you can point me to where I or speeedie have lied or have written garbage? If you can't I don't think I have any choice but to report your posts.
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