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[Archived] Please Help Us

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I'm a big fan of Rovers living in Tokyo JAPAN.

One week passed since The Earthquake and Tsunami.

The people who is in the stricken area in the VERY HARD situation . I have no imagination that the people how are they feeling so.

They lost everything ....

I'm proud of us very much.

The Japanese has order patiently. it works well.

However, We need your help.

Thanks for your warm and kind words! it cheer us up.

And if I say honestly, Northan Japan suffered catastrophic damage.

we needs everything...

the roads and the ports are destroyed now both the way to the northern Japan.

The refuge is not possible from the refuge area, too.

WE NEED Restoration of the infrastructure is necessary.

""I ask for a donation to the Red Cross.""


Japan/Earthquake Donation


Many thanks


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Donation being made.

Thank you for posting and thoughts and prayers for everyone in Japan.

thanks Philip : )

The good news does not become the news.

I know. I know well.

The media loves strong dramatic and sensational news.

I understand it.

However, you have to take a correct news, then, you have to make your calm decision... I hope so....

The nuclear power plant news is spotlighted, but the damage of the tsunami is serious.

If you want to know about the plant and radioactivity,

the following file has a lot on radioactivity by the accident of the nuclear power plant.

please read it.


Now, My fear is a rumor than the radioactivity.

The damage of the tsunami is really serious.

please watch thease photos of the tsunami stricken area.


Japan/Earthquake Donation (the Red Cross)


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The trouble in Japan has touched my heart deeply. I have not heard from some relatives of mine since then. (I thought they were in New Zealand and have been trying to gain contact for some time)

Anyway that is my problem, and so I have done what I can to help.

My thoughts are with you all.

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