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[Archived] Happy Dingle Day

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Well folks doesn't time fly .... a year ago today since we last beat our 'nearest and not so dearest'. In these difficult times, brighten your day up by taking a few moments to remember the events of that great day. Enjoy .... and let's hope there are many more Dingle Days to come!

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the way the team is if we have most of this team nxt season are we likely to beat them? maybe its the same team that beat them last season but a lot has changed since then an moral is at a massive low

The Players morale? You know this for a fact?

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With Kean in charge are we likely to beat them? :wacko:



It does not matter who is in charge or who we have playing against them. Every time we play them they bottle it big time due to them not being able to handle the pressure, even with "super" Coyle in charge. They will never defeat us. Amen.

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