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[Archived] Mayor of Blackburn

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A man in line to be mayor of Blackburn has paid back over £5000 of falsely claimed benefits....

smelly graff story....

Do we really want people like this being hailed as pillars of the community? :huh:

I certainly don`t :angry:

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Its a sad sad day for Blackburn if this guy is to become the Mayor.

Just how low can Blackburn go with this case as he pleaded guilty to admitting to the charge of defrauding the state then he becomes the Mayor of Blackburn.

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I can't say that the mayor of a few years back Yusuf Jan Virmani the 'mystery millionaire' <_<

was any better, he was caught having the council bin wagons taking away trade waste from his business premises which he should have had to pay for. I don't think that got to court either.

Anyway Labour have been elected to power again in Blackburn,I'm not sure of the figures but before the election muslim councillors constituted the majority of the Labour group so it's only natural that if this is still the case that the majority will want things their own way isn't it? Kate Hollern is just a puppet figure these days as all decisions will be made behind closed doors and she will be informed later..

imo there will be a lot of unsavoury affairs that will take some swallowing in the next few years but I guess we'll just have to get used to it.

None of us though can say this has come as a suprise. We've been warned for years that this sort of thing would happen. Only a few years ago 6 muslim councillors (including Yusuf Jan Virmani) threatened to go over to the Con/Libs and in the process take overall power away from the Labour group if they did not get their own way. Only intervention by Jack straw and Lord Patel by ensuring that they actually did get their own way managed to persuade them to stay with labour in the end..... I believe it was the sole reason why jan Virmani became mayor.

They say politics is a dirty business don't they? It is now and it will get worse when the real and obvious

issues are addressed.

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Gord is that the same Jan who had signs up saying Muslims only in the fuel strike ?

It is indeed Abbey. Owner I believe of the aforementioned and now notorious Jans filling station on Accy Rd and also I think another on Audley. Also owner of Jans conference centre which must have swept the Design Council Award for renewable energy buiding of the year as it was built with no need for any refuse disposal costs whatsoever. btw I think the builder was the world renowned 'Jerry' cos it certainly looks like one of his.

The LET ran Mr Virmani's life story at the time. I seem to rememember that he was a teenage Ugandan Asian who came from Uganda with his family when the late Idi Amin(who declared an interest at the time in marrying Princess Anne if I'm not mistaken) finally grew tired of their ways and kicked them out.

YJV apparently studied accountancy in London before boasting that he made many millions in 'business'. The nature of this obviously very profitable 'business' he would not disclose to the LET for in his words 'fear of kidnap'. At the time I found his reluctance to explain the origins of his wealth very odd cos the average kidnapper usually doesn't give a flying one where the wealth comes from as a rule but just that there is wealth to demand! Still giving him the benefit of the doubt I'll assume that his money was made honestly and that all taxes were paid in full at the time.

A remarkeable life story all the same and all the more remarkeable when one considers whether any home grown businessman boasting vast, immediate and unaccountable wealth and holding an openly racist background would ever have been chosen to wear the chains of office in this borough... not only that he was levered into that exalted position by no less a luminary than our elected MP the Rt Hon Jack Straw. As I say ... remarkeable. <_<

I can't wait for the LT life story of this new chap. No doubt we'll all end up mulla(red) by the bgugger in one way or another.

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Dodgy incapacity payments are small fry. God knows what would happen if the Telegraph knew more about the hard drive of his council provided computer...

I sense you don't really approve of the man Sidders?

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I understand there`s some sort of protest or campaign being arranged.

People should contact their own councillors & demand they do something about this embarrassment to our town.

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