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[Archived] Mike Newell Interview


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This might not get a lot of coverage given everything else going on - particularly the plans to engage the Indian media - but I thought this was a timely article.

Mike Newell, who still hasn't worked in management since he exposed the scandal at Luton 5 years ago, talks about the influence agents have on the game. Over clubs, chairmen and managers.

Newell stood up to agents. It's interesting his career appears to have suffered since. Maybe clubs are fearful he may find the situation at Luton was not a unique one. It does make me fearful about our situation at Rovers, and the lack of a credible manager and chairman.

Have a read/listen see what you think...

Talksport interview

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Wish we had Newell as our manager, he fought for what was right and lost a career, great shame, top bloke and had Luton motoring as their manager -- Look where they are now?

He would have flattened Anderson before allowing him to do that, we should all bow down to Newell, Rovers legend, goal took us to the premier league and a funny guy to boot, he is what football should be looking at now, honest guy doing a proper job for a club.

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