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[Archived] Replacing Kean, Replacing Venky's

The Prof.

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Okay even the LET have come out an kicked off saying on the front page Kean must go and Venky's must sort out or sell up. Currently their is no one apparently at Ewood who could talk to me - not won't - there is just no one in charge there.

3 questions:

1. Who will come to replace Kean?

2. When will he go?

3. What options have we to replace Venky's? Anyone know a sheik or live near benevolent tycoon?

My answers

1. I think we'll be lucky to get Ady Boothroyd at the moment - we are preparing for the NW championship now or we'll go down again.

Mark Hughes won't come, Chris Colman probably won't, Rafa Benitez is stupid enough but will check the transfer budget and then won't come, Alan Shearer will not come.

2. I feel sick writing this but I think he's here for another 6 weeks at least - no-one left at the club to step in short term.

3. I would get a grand of everyone and offer 20,000 bonds. Should do it.

Anyone got a better idea?


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As has been said it's all being discussed elsewhere. When Ricky closed the thread and gave a reason for it what made you think it would be a good idea to open another?

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