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So, we are approaching half way through the season, rock bottom of the league.

Where does the club go now? I might sound like a boring old fart however, two wins from 17 league games so far doesn't make great reading for the second half of the season.

Clubs are going to put bids in for the likes of Samba, Hoillett and possibly Olsson. Do we cash in them and maximise funds even though it'll end up in Venkys back pocket or do we keep them risk relegation and lose out on them in the summer?

The club is an embarrassment and a laughing stock. I can't see us staying in this Division and the worrying thing is what state the club will be in this time next season.

How ironic it was to see Big Sam as a pundit last night on Sky's live coverage. Have Venkys got rocks in their heads? What are they actually doing in India? It will be interesting to see which ridiculous targets they'll have in mind in the next week or so for the January transfer window. I don't know what Steve Kean tells them in his heroic trips to India or over the phone but nobody in this country, Rovers fans, other football fans and now the media believe him.

The club has been turned upside down in the last twelve months, Rovers clearly punched above their weight in the Premiership, with thanks to the good and honest work of John WIlliams and many others within the club behind the scenes. Look where John Williams is now, speaks volumes of the man.

Kean has been as pathetic as Venkys in the last year. How a 'football' man can say that the likes of Ronaldinho and Beckham might come to play at Ewood is beyond me. The man is unbelievabley arrogant it's untrue. I got in last night and watched the match again, the coverage before, during and after. Kean was abused as he got off the bus into the ground, during and obviously the protests after, how he can sit there and answer the way he does in his post match interviews is disgusting.

His Premier League record speaks for itself. Coyle sympathised with him and I have no idea why, Bolton have tumbled as well since they got battered by Stoke but the Bolton fans wanted him.

Venkys aren't footballing people, they know little about the game and have appointed a Joker in charge.

The atmosphere was as bad as it could get. When will Venkys come to Ewood again and witness this? It's too late anyway. It's very disheartening to watch the club that we all love in such turmoil.

The club which was successfully so well run, has now turned into a laughing "chicken" stock.

Kean will not get sacked anytime soon as nobody from Venkys are ever here, god help Venkys whenever they do decide to show up at Ewood especially after last night. Kean might not be here next season, Venkys are never hear anyway sadly, however the majorty of us all will still be here. Still following the club through thick and thin, I will be anyway.

The club that Jack built has been destroyed by these lot. Very sad, especially walking past his statue after the game last night you can't help think what he must be thinking up there.

Arte Et Labore

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For many years I have been resolutely opposed to the levels of TV money in the PL together with the foreign ownership of English football clubs. This opposition has always been based on the assumption the two influences would ultimately inflict lasting damage on the game in general. In all those years I never dreamt this would impact severely on Blackburn Rovers believing the club to be safe in the hands of the Walker Family Trust. We were then and we would be now.

While I believe Rovers would today be safe had the Trust retained ownership I hold the Trust equally culpable with others for the demise of our once great club. There can be little doubt, in no particular order, each of the following have played a significant role in the near fatal decline of Rovers:

The Rao family

Steve Kean



The Walker Trust

The PL

Imcompetent PL chairmen of the past 20 years

For Rovers I see only one way out; the vague hope a consortium of local businessmen takes control at Ewood Park. With relegation all but confirmed last night the Raos have two choices, "invest" £50-60m in a Championship promotion campaign or close down the club, liquidate the assets and at worst break even on their failed purchase. To my mind the "investment" makes no financial sense whatsoever and my very real fear is we will have no club to support next August. I believe the Raos to be quite capable of closing the club, selling everything they can and walking away.

This is the result of TV money, worldwide media exposure and exploitation by people unfit to own football clubs who care not a jot forthe history and traditions of football.

The dream died many years ago and we were left with hope, today even that is all but dead.

I don't know what I'm going to tell my lad.

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I agree with your comments 100%, I wonder who the next club will be?

Also, whatever happened to your MB thread on Birdie and qsking the question whether balaji kept to his promise of repaying his air and hotel costs for Pune? Would be interested to hear what the outcome was please.


I agree with your comments 100%, I wonder who the next club will be?

Also, whatever happened to your MB thread on Birdie and qsking the question whether balaji kept to his promise of repaying his air and hotel costs for Pune? Would be interested to hear what the outcome was please.

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I had the hump with Coyle's comments last night but on reflection, he's merely talking about Kean in that manner to deflect attention away from himself, his own position and subsequent awkward questions that might arise had he said differently. If he genuinely believes Kean's an excellent manager he'll be out of a job soon enough.

I will concur on Paul's comment that all of those parties must bear some of the blame. The due diligence process has been made a mockery of. These clowns and a bloke wanted by Interpol who's left Racing Santander well and truly in the lurch.

But Blackburn Rovers is not just a club, it's an idea and even Venky's can not destroy those. Whatever shape or form the club morphs into from this point it will outlast them and always carry a greater legacy than three planks from India inheriting the family business could hope to achieve.

Clubs have been bought and sold for £5 before. AFC Wimbledon show that where there is a will something stronger can be built from square one. Venky's are nothing but temporary custodians of the club and however their exit manifests it'll be us left to rebuild.

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