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[Archived] LMA Backing Steve Kean...

Guest Rovers4Good

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Guest Rovers4Good

The League Managers Association have come out and backed Kean over what they call "Aggression and Abuse leveled at Kean over recent weeks has stepped well beyond the mark"

Full Statement reads as follows:

Fans who give up their hard-earned money to support their club have a right to voice their opinion. However, the aggression and abuse levelled at Steve over recent weeks has stepped well beyond the mark and is as unacceptable in football as it would be in any other profession.

The following was aimed at Venkys:

Venky's should develop trust with their fans and communicate their vision on a regular basis in an open and visible way...

This is another action that is very likely to get the fans back up and further enhance our thoughts that Kean and Venky's aren't fit enough to run our football club.

Kean has been in the job longer than he should have and Venky's have also left it too late to communicate with the fans....

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This is going to help Kean - good work LMA. He'll just get more abuse now ha ha.

Reminds me of someone I know, who was getting a lot of stick at work. His wife decided it was bullying, so wrote a letter to the bully. Good work - that won't get your husband any more stick.

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How is that backing Steve Kean?

It's just saying that we've gone too far with the abuse. Personally, as much as I want Steve Kean out, I think we should go easy on the abuse, insults, boos and protests.

We've already gotten the message clearly across. He's not wanted here. There's no need to over-do it and continue hounding an inept, incompetent but decent guy like this. In any case I hope Mark Hughes comes in and takes over soon.

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Boo ####ing hoo. Do the LMA actually think that a statement issued by them will cause the aggrieved supporters to back off?

We all know what's coming now. If, and when, Kean gets the axe, they'll issue a statement that the treatment he got was unacceptable etc etc.

I really do struggle to understand how anyone, even a fellow PL manager, can offer their support for him? He's the worst example of a manager I have ever seen and I can't fathom why he would have the support of other managers.

If the Premier League has turned that badly topsy turvy, why the #### aren't we at the top?

Reminds me of our relegation season, playing Newcastle away, Tiny Taylor up front, singing

The Premier League

Is upside down

The Premier League is upside down

Oh the Blues have won the title

And United's going down

Oooh, for the doomsday merchants... there was a player called Anders Andersson on our books in 98/99. Coincidence? Spooky.

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Aren't you guys over-reacting?

They're just saying we're over-doing it. They're not telling us to stop protesting. They even said we are entitled to voice our opinions. They didn't say Kean is a great manager or whatever like Redknapp, Owen Coyle and the others are doing. They're not even saying he's twice as decent as the supporters like Michael Owen did.

It isn't just here. I just came from Ewood Park's Finest page and already I see people abusing LMA for something they didn't say. Jeez, calm down people. They're just telling us to exercise self-control and keep our protests within the line, that's all. They're not backing Kean and saying he should stay as manager. They're just telling us to calm down and control the amount of abuse that has been showering Kean. Yes, the man is inept, incompetent and totally out of the depth. We get it. That doesn't mean we should boo him every second when the opposing team scores, or boo him just because Yakubu high-fives him after scoring a goal. There's a limit to abuse. We just need to make our intentions clear, that's all - that Steve Kean should be fired or we'll be relegated. No need to go over the top and boo him or throw a shirt at him.

It's like drinking (and I'm sure Kean knows this all too well...). Drink whatever beer you want, but don't drink too much and drive. In other words, protest, but don't over-do it to the extent it becomes uncivilized and unacceptable.

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The LMA, of which Kean is no doubt a member is just doing it's job. He is paying them to represent him in this manner in a way. However, that they've taken the time to put the boot into Venky's is a good shout on their part. They didn't have to get involved with that so fair play.

It will make no difference of course, but that's not the point.

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