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[Archived] The Full Members Reunion

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Full Members Cup Final. First time I ever cried at a football match (the only other two being predictably in 1995 and 2002). Fantastic memories, and in a strange way out of the three occasions I mentioned, that one made me most proud to be a Rover. I can't fully explain why. Incidentally, does anybody know why Mark Patterson wasn't there last night?

Ah yes, those were the days. I can add another time when I cried at a football match, never forgiven Howard Gayle for missing the penalty in the first leg at 3-0!....


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McKay binned both Keeley and Patterson so their accounts are hardly reliable. Keeley left a couple of months after Wembley and Patterson the year after. As for Don...his record speaks for itself. He took over a relegation-threatened team and lead them to a cup win and three play-offs in a row. For that time, his record signing was Mark Atkin for 40 grand from Scunthorpe. This despite losing Barker for 10 times that amount, as well as the likes of Price and Hendry to top-flight clubs.

If the Palace game had gone another way, he would be up there as one of the contenders for greatest Rovers manager ever. However, such is football, that 3-0 Glad All freckin Over day remains the lowest moment in all my years of watching Rovers.

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