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[Archived] NFL 2012

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Is Pascoe not fit also? He's hardly the best TE out there but I've always liked the way he plays.

He's mainly a blocking TE isn't he?

I think I read somewhere earlier today that Coughlin called him in for practice although we haven't signed him back up yet they said he would more than likely be back.

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let me know what you think.

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Seen a lot of people predicting the Lions to pick O-linemen in the first two rounds, possibly Cordy Glenn & Mike Adams/Amini Silatolu.

I think most people feel we need a CB more, but if Kirkpatrick and Gilmore are off the board in the first, and the front office don't like the gamble with Janoris Jenkins, then I'd be more than happy with protecting Stafford and maybe adding some guys who can open up some running lanes.

Having Louis Delmas back healthy will instantly improve our DBs and he'll bring the CBs along, even in a division that pits us against Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler.

If LaMichael James is still on the board when we pick in the third I might not fancy Mayhew taking Josh Norman or Josh Robinson at CB then, either.

Just please let's see something other than a pass-rusher this year.

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Riley Reiff...I'll take that. Highly-rated tackle to replace Cherilus or Backus. Second year running we've got a player who slid on draft day. I guess making the step up to being a play-off team means you have to take advantage of franchises who let high quality players pass them by in the draft. David DeCastro would have been a top pick, too, and I don't know if I'm a little disappointed that we took a very good tackle over a guard who is touted to be dominant at his position over the next 10 years.

Reiff also played guard on occasion and comes from a team that runs the ball a lot, so maybe he will be useful in opening up running lanes. Hard to be upset when you get a guy who was tipped as a top-10 prospect at no.23, though.

Claiborne, Barron and Gilmore all went top 10, so there wasn't much scope to improve our secondary. Maybe we could have skipped ahead of the Bengals for Kirkpatrick, but I think we got better value staying where we were.

I'd love to see us trade up for Jenkins in the second round, but I doubt it'll happen. Too much of a gamble and too many spots to move up to get him.

For the rest of the NFC North, the Vikings did exactly what was scripted, but one elite tackle won't stop us mauling Christian Ponder twice this season. The Bears and Packers both took pass-rushers, but I think our pick added more talent than theirs.

What were the Browns doing, though? They traded up to get the same player they would have got if they'd stayed at no.4, then selected a QB who will be 29 when the season starts in the first round. At least Trent Richardson should give them a top running option.

You'd have thought there was someone worth taking for the Broncos, but obviously Elway and Fox think they'll add more depth by taking more picks in the middle rounds instead of one 1st-round guy. Wait and see how that turns out.

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Didn't have the time to stay up all night watching the draft, but obviously I was pretty happy with how it turned out for the Lions.

Actually I thought it was even better than that at first, because the draft re-cap I was reading said the Lions had traded up to get Donta Hightower at 25 as well, but obviously that turned out to be a mistake because all the picks were coming in so fast the guy wrote Lions when it should have been Patriots. The Pats' linebacker corp is looking awesome now, nobody will be running the ball on them this season.

You'd have thought the Broncos would have taken as much immediate talent as they could. Developmental players don't make sense when you're trying to give Peyton Manning the weapons to win Superbowls at this stage in his career.

At least you can't be as mad at your front office as the Seattle fans. Drafting a guy who was projected to go in the 3rd round.

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So far and based on highlight reels and uni sites, I think we are looking good from it. Wolfe seems to ridiculously undervalued on NFL.coms draft rankings ,albeit after listing to the TV experts .

Brock looks to be one for the future and he can only learn and benefit from the likes of Manning and Elway.

Hilman ,I had never heard of but he looks like a speed merchant and looks like we have another potential, highlight reel TD machine.

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Looked like a strange choice on the surface when the Lions took a wide-out in the second round. We had needs at OL, RB, CB, DE and possibly safety, yet we took a WR when we already have Megatron and Young who we drafted last year and really came on strong in the second half of his rookie year.

When you look at it a little more closely it starts to make sense, though. Before his injury, Ryan Broyles was a top talent at WR, the 2nd highest for receiving yards in the history of college football. If we can rehab his ACL properly and get him learning the playbook he could be another massive weapon for Stafford this season, and with Megatron, Young and Broyles on the field there's no way anyone can cover all our receiving threats (they have enough trouble just trying to stop Calvin).

On the O-line we've just drafted Reiff, who could be a franchise left-tackle. Plus we've got Jason Fox from a couple of years back who the staff really like if he can stay healthy. That gives us scope to move Cherilus or Backus to guard, Peterman played pretty well last season, Sims can be benched and while it would have been nice to get an upgrade on Raiola our front office will not draft for need.

At DE we need a replacement for Kyle Vanden Bosch real soon and it would be reassuring if Cliff Avril would sign a new deal. But we do have Willie Young and Lawrence Jackson there, and Suh is so versatile that he has lined up on the end and even as a stand-up linebacker on some plays.

RB we're looking good as long as Leshoure doesn't get more than a one-game ban for the pot possession, and if Jahvid Best and/or Kevin Smith are healthy then there's some home-run potential if anyone bothers blocking for them.

That leaves corner as the real issue. Jacob Lacey has experience starting in the NFL and Chris Houston is alright, even if I don't fancy him matching up with Jennings or Marshall. Taking Dwight Bentley in the third round was a decent move, he has the talent to have been a mid-second round pick, really stood out during the Senior Bowl week according to people who watch that kind of thing, and is a CB who makes a lot of tackles, as opposed to Alphonso Smith who thinks he's a ball hawk and just ends up getting burned over and over again.

Good news for us is the Vikes have improved, but not enough. The Bears are going to be competitive, though, and the Packers have made improvements to their front seven.

As far as the Broncos, a lot of people would have taken Worthy, Still or Reyes ahead of Wolfe, and most seem to think Osweiler was a third-round pick. Still, front offices tend to be proved right more often than the pundits.

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